• October 21 - The British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson, was defeated by the Franco-Spanish fleet under the command of Pierre-Charles Villeneuve and Federico Gravina at the Battle of Trafalgar. This defeat was an embarrassment to the British Empire, an morale boost for the French, and achievement for Napoleon. The defeat also left England open to invasion, which would turn the Napoleonic Wars to the First Great War.
  • November 2 - French troops begin to mass along the northern coast of France, causing alarm by the British government, and sending an majority of its troops to the southern coast, along the English Channel.
  • November 4 - Napoleon begins drafting an plan for an Invasion of England, and the French, Spanish, and Danish Navy began to move from their ports in Brest, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Toulon, along with other ports.
  • November 6 - United States miltia mass along the British Canadian-American border, and prepare for the Invasion of Canada.
  • November 7 - The Ottoman Empire's fleet engages the British fleet off the coast of Tripoli, starting the First Great War.
  • November 23 - Turkish forces cross the border into Austria, catching the Austrian army off guard.
  • November 8 - Turkish forces pushed from the Balkans into Austria, and begins to march toward Vienna.
  • December 1 - French people in Quebec, following the news of the French victory of the Royal Navy, uprise against the British governor and proclaim the Republic of Quebec. The Battle of the Balkans occurs, and the Austrian army is sent into retreat.
  • December 2 - The Battle of Austerlitz occurs, and leads to Austria being forced into an ceasefire with France.
  • December 3 - The Battle of the Balkans occur, and devastates the Austrian army in their home country.
  • December 4 - The Battle of Vienna occur, and French troops occupy and divide Vienna between France and the Ottoman Empire.
  • December 8 - The first amphibious vehicle is built in the United States, after an wheeled steam-powered dredging barge crossed land, across the Mississippi River, and back onto land on the other side.
  • December 9 - Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire, causing France and the United States to declare war on Russia.


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