Alternative History
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A basic timeline that cover the major events of From Sea to Shining Sea, as a reference guide.

Early Twentieth Century

  • 1917- The Russians quickly disengage from World War I (WWI) - which was enveloping Europe at the time. Russia undergoes a Socialist revolution, with Lenin.
  • 1917- The United States makes the historical decision to intervene in WWI, causing severe dissent on the home front.
  • November 1927- Trotsky is expelled from Communist Party. Later exiled from the Soviet Union in 1929.
  • 1932- The Second American Civil War begins after the coup d'état of the Business Plot prevents Franklin Delano Roosevelt from swearing into office.

In a New Sun

  • 1936- The Second American Civil War comes to an end. The United Socialist Republics of America (USRA) is proclaimed.
  • 1939-1945 World War II
  • 1940- The Franco-British Union is established as a confederal union of Great Britain and France.
  • 1944- In the USRA, large scale persecutions begin against Anarchists and other leftists that publicly refute the government.
  • 1945- Stalin dies. Georgy Malenkov becomes Premier and General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party.
  • 1946 Indochinese War (1946-
  • 1951- Defeated and occupied Germany is administered by the Allied Control Council (UFB, Soviet Union and United America).
  • 1951- Leslie's policy speech Swords be turned to plowshares leads to withdrawal of United America from the Allied Control Council.
  • 1953- The UFB, Spain and the Soviet Union establish from their occupied zones the republics of West Germany, East Germany and South Germany.
  • 1953- Sarah Leslie (The People's President) officially retires from political life but in fact continues to have a large influence in USRA leaders until her death in 1986.
  • 1953- The Japanese Empire, undergoes an implosion and revolution, after fighting the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1953) with China and Western nations for over 17 years. From its revolution the People's Republic of Japan (PR of Japan) is proclaimed. Korea gains its independence from Japan
  • 1957- The Treaty of Rome creates the Association of European States as a federation of the Western European states.
  • 1958 - Reunification of West and South Germany by the Western Germany Bizonal Treaty.
  • 1965 - Death of Sanzō Nosaka paramount leader of socialist Japan and also marks the end of the authoritarian period of Japan.
  • 1968 - Reunification of West and East Germany by the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany
  • 1971 - Korean military coup ends Jeong Hyeon's dictatorship
  • 1981- President Anna Nikolaev dies in air-crash of Pan-Am SST 140.
  • 1987 - Military coup outs Korean president Park Eun-jung.

Turn of the Millennium

  • 1991- The American Workers Party (AWP), is officially disband and its power monopoly in the USRA withered away. However, the three major parties that replace its governance keep the socialist economy and welfare system in place.
  • 1998- The White Coup of July overthrows Korean president Gang Yeong-Su.