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This is the basic timeline to cover the largest events of From Sea to Shining Sea as a reference guide.


Early Twentieth Century

  • 1901- The assassination of American President William McKinley succeeds.
  • 1905- The Russian tsar, Nicholas II makes the decision to create a full Constitutional Monarchy. The 1905 Russian Revolution is a success in bringing out tentative democratic reforms
  • 1914-1915- The Russians quickly disengage from WWI - which was enveloping Europe at the time.
  • 1917- The United States makes the historical decision to intervene in WWI, causing severe dissent on the home front.
  • 1932- Following the war, the Great Depression. and the Bonus Army a revolution erupts in the largest industrial areas. The Second American Civil War begins.

In a New Sun

Turn of the Millennium

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