Alternative History

This is the Timeline of God eu Mac̉

  • 1 BAU (9854 BC): Ice Age Ends, groups of nomads settle in large areas of land. Five nations form out of these settlements, the base of time is of the founding of the country Usic̉uw (City of the God).
  • 2646 BAU (7209 BC): After many thousands of years of living in peace, The Iw (Land) invade the Siw (God's nation) and the two countries become the Iwsiwib (God's holy land), which takes up most of Asia. The population of humans is large now and many more wars are to be expected.
  • 3175 BAU (6806 BC): A war between the nations of Unuw-sic̉uwu and Usic̉uw for control over the Mediterranean breaks out, causing swaths of destruction throughout the Asian battlefields, dividing Iwsiwib into six nations.
  • 3112 BAU (6743 BC): The nation of Unuw-sic̉uwu splits into a further five nations after troubles due to the loss of the Mediterranean area, and further attacks by the North African Usic̉uwi.
  • 4366 - 5362 BAU (4165 - 3167 BC): The Dark Age of God eu Mac̉, two long wars occurred in these years, one between one of the Unuw-sic̉uwu nations and two of the Iwsiwib nations, the other between one of the Iwsiwib nations and Usic̉uw. This is called the Dark age because written language had almost been completely forgotten.


Now God eu Mac̉ is peaceful, with no wars occurring since the dark ages. The reason being is because they all share the same religion and language (more or less).