Alternative History

Timeline for the events occurred in Great Poland

XVI Century

  • 1571: The Battle of Lepanto is won by the Ottoman Empire, crippling the Holy League's fleet, allowing the turks to built an even larger and more powerful fleet (copying some designs of Venetian Galleons).
  • 1588: The Ottomans take possessions in Sicily as they win the war that the Spanish declared on them, also they assure power in Crete and Morea.

XVII Century

  • 1612: Gustav II Adolf from Sweden is assassinated, thus his country is never dragged to the Thirty Year's War; letting Sweden as a poor and backwards nation.
  • 1618: The War between christians begins (the Thirty Years' War).
  • 1636: The christians divided by war are attacked by the Ottomans. The turks took the poor garrisoned city of Vienna, capital city of the Holy Roman Empire—thus making it to collapse. Poland absorbs or "stabilize" the northern areas of the collapsed empire and, unable to fight in a third front, does nothing to stop the turks.
  • 1653: Spain, that has been impoverished and weakened because of the war (Thirty Year's and Franco-Spanish Wars), is unable to stop a rebellion in Lombardy due to long discomfort of rising taxes for financing the spanish wars.
  • 1695: The Ottomans conquers the Republic of Venice, assuring itself as the only maritime power in the Mediterranean.
  • 1699: Lombardy now controls all of northern Italy (except for Rome).

XVIII Century

  • 1701: Gabon colony is founded by the Poles.
  • 1705: Polish-Dutch alliance is formed.
  • 1706: During a shorter Spanish civil war (Spanish Secession), the turks seizes Ceuta, allowing them to travel to the Americas and settle a fort in Eastern Florida, angering the Spanish.
  • 1710: Poland-Lithuania declares war on Russia, conquering the region of Ingria (Saint Petersburg) while the Finns declares independence from the russians. The Baltic is now a Polish lake.
  • 1747: Britain and France go to war, with Spain in the british side and Poland-Lithuania and the Netherlands in the French one. The British North America is lost to the french, except for New York that remains british.
  • 1748: Second English Civil War,Scotland declares independence from the union.
  • 1749: The Spanish, harassed by the Ottomans, declares war on the turks. The Ottoman Empire takes full control of Sicily and invades Lombardy while the turkish armada keeps at bay the Spanish.
  • 1754: The Italic Peninsula is under Ottoman control and the Pope exiles himself to Avignon and declares it as the the Holy See. However the turks declared Rome (and a 50km round area) a neutral city, whose authority was still the Pope.
  • 1768: Siam unifies Indochina (except for Vietnam).
  • 1771: The Spanish Revolution, much like OTL French Revolution, takes place. The Spanish colonies in the Americas declare independence from a metropolis unable to react in force. The Spanish Republic is established. Mexico and Colombia declares independence.
  • 1778: The Maratha League takes Delhi and defeats the Mughals, being strong enough they also maintain any foreign nations not to gain enough influence in the country.

XIX Century

  • 1801: Poland and France go to war. Quebec declares independency.
  • 1828: China invades Mongolia in an attempt to annex its territory. Chinese armies are defeated by the far superior mongol cavalry.
  • 1821: The Mevlevi Revolution takes place in the Ottoman Empire.

XX Century