This is the timeline for Hamaara 1857.

19th Century


The Lucknow Peace Accords are signed.


Bahadur Shah Zafar, aged 83, dies of Malaria in his palace in Lahore.

Birjis Qadr is crowned Nawab of Awadh.

Nana Saheb unifies the Maratha kingdoms, with him as Chhatrapati and Tantya Tope as Peshwa.

The tiny Kingdom of Banganapalle accedes to Hyderabad under forced circumstances.

The Burmese regions of Arakan and Shan declare independence from Burma as the Kingdoms of Arakan and Shan.


The Kashmir Wars; Ladakh and Kashmir gain their independence from the Dogras.

Abul Asaf Farhad declares Sindh an independent Caliphate.


An Assamese nobleman, Maniram Dewan,also a conspirer in the revolt, declares himself 'Raja of Assam' and establishes a monarchy in the northeast.

Bengal, previously a patchwork of states ruled by claimants to one Bengali throne, is unified by Nawab Khwaja Abdul Ghani of Dhaka.


Gujarat unified by the Jadeja-Gaekwad dynasty.Sindh is made a Gujarati vassal.

Travancore and Kochi unite as Travancore-Kochi.

Raja Chennappa Chakravarthy is given the Tamil region as a gift from the Nizam of Hyderabad.

The former monarchy of Kandy in Sri Lanka is restored in the Kandyan Restoration and the Kingdom of Lanka is set up.

The Gajapatis unify Kalinga.

Mohammed Ali Taqi Siddiqui Khan, former Nawab of Pataudi buys northern Awadh and the city of Agra. He declares the Kingdom of Agra.

Chiang Lu, a Peranakan businessman, buy Singapore from the Sultan of Johor, and declares himself the Prince of Singapura.


The Phulkian Jat states in southeastern Punjab unite to form the Phulkian Confederation.

Gujarat invades Socotra,and begins an ongoing war with Sindh.

The Rathores of Jodhpur and Sisodias of Udaipur unite Rajputana.


The king of Lanka declares a war on the Tamil Raja for making inroads into his kingdom.

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