Alternative History

World War II[]


Early 1942 (Point Of Divergence)- Joseph Stillwell is killed in battle, thus preventing the forces in China, Burma and India to be formed so easily, Japanese forces march through to attack India, China, and Burma, Britain does not expect the attack on its colony.

July 1942- Britain forms its forces in China,Burma, and India to keep India and Burma within its control, and attacks Japanese forces in Burma.

August 1942- The Soviet Union forms its forces in China, Burma, and India.

September 1942- The US forms its forces in China, Burma, and India.

October 1942- Peace protester and nonviolent revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi predicts that it will be more difficult in the war in India and Burma then previously estimated, and that India and Burma's ownership would be split between nations, so the protesters would have to work harder to (nonviolently) gain the independence from Britain promised before the end of the war, then granted after.


January 1943- Japanese forces seize Calcutta.

March 1943- While protesting nonviolently, Mahatma Gandhi is shot by a soldier passing through the area, Gandhi's friend and follower Jawaharlal Nehru sees the hopelessness of the situation, and realizes that their last chance for nonviolent protests to lead to independence was before the war, and that, however much he hated the idea, war became the only option. He forms a group of political activists called the Nehruists, who attack all, seeing everyone else as colonial forces being enemies.

September 3, 1943- Italy drops out of the War.