• October 10th: Muslim forces defeat Frankish forces lead by Charles Martel. The defeat opens Europe's gate to them and also gives them the ability to spread the word of Islam. The Jihad of Europe begins (Struggle in Europe)
  • December 5th: the Third Muslim Siege of Constantinople starts as Byzantine forces are caught off guard when Muslim forces are seen the night before setting up camp. Byzantine scouts had discovered that it was the rumored Muslim forces which had for sometime advanced past Byzantine forts focused on the coast. Constantine V orders that the gates be closed and that all military personnel hold of the overwhelming forces to stall them.


  • March 4th: The Muslims break through Constantinople's defense and begin to seize the city, in accordance to Islam no woman or children are harmed nor are they pillaged. This amazes the populace of the city. Meanwhile in the imperial palace, Constantine V dies of a Heart Attack after he received news of the breakthrough (It is also believed that Constantine V's other defeats had done great damage to his self-figure). The remaining Frankish soldiers in France continue to be pushed back and the Siege of Aachen begins as the soldiers regroup in a small fort near the town of Aachen.
  • April 1st: The next phase begins as Muslim Forces begin to invade the Caucasus region but lack of supplies only deems the invasion attempt inadequate.


  • February 13th: The Siege of Aachen ends as Muslim forces with the help of reinforcements make the final push as they force the Franks into the city where gruesome hand-to-hand combat begins in the city. Finally, the remaining Franks surrender, allowing the Muslims to move into the plains of Germania and victory. The remaining Christian armies are quickly gathered to fight against the Muslims, who now threaten to close the bag and claim victory overall. Poor training and "barbaric" equipment (Weapons, food, etc) prevents this army from having any real purpose but to stall the Muslims; little can be done though as the Muslim forces in Germania quickly begin mobilizing there forces for the invasion of OTL North-Eastern Europe.
  • August 23rd: The Christian forces make there last stand in OTL Leningrad Oblast in order to prevent them from advancing into Scandinavia. At Sunrise, the Christian forces are awakened by Muslim Cavalry who advance on their positions quickly. The Muslims, though outnumbered in this battle win the day through strategic genius of their generals.
  • Besides Scandinavia and Italy (which had been protected by the Alps) all of Europe comes under the Islamic influence and rule.
  • The Muslims waste no time and begin to develop these previously barbaric lands into and land of art, knowledge and wonder. The Muslims begin to preach the principles of Islam and all though not forced to convert many do after seeing the mannerisms and behaviors of the Muslims.


  • February 6th: The Nordic Kingdom, a small scattered anti-Islam kingdom that had been shrinking for some time, finally is broken up after the ruling king takes more interest in Islam and breaks up the kingdoms one-by-one. After years of fighting, Islam finally begins planting its seeds and changing the shape of Europe that would last for centuries and would change the world as well.


  • January 15th: The new Muslim majority in Europe leads to more trade between Asia and Europe although some trading lines through unclaimed Russia are abandoned due to increased violence toward traders by the local states. The Silk Road becomes the most important of all the routes, transported goods, valuables, agricultural products, etc, that go between the continents have a two-thirds chance of going through this trading pathway. Attempts to spread Islam to India through the route results in conflict among the Western Indians and Northern Southern Indians.
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