Alternative History

This timeline shows events in or relating to Poland from 1082 AD, the appoximate founding date of New Poland.

Reign of King Wladyslaw I[]


-Wladyslaw's Dream

Wladyslaw I of Poland experiences a prophetic night-time vision of a vibrant Polish Empire spanning territory from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, and is inspired to create it in reality, feeling that God has chosen him to lead the Poles to a glorious future.

-Winter Court Announcement

Wladyslaw gives a recorded address to his court in Krakow, calling on loyal subjects to assist him in realising the Lord's vision, and announcing his intention to travel and meet with his unguided subjects in the following year. This event marks the beginning of the Polish Unification.


-Formation of the Polish Royal Guard

The first official Polish Royal Guard were reportedly established at this time, although debate exists about the actual formation.

- January Storms.

Wladyslaw's departure from Krakow is delayed due to poor weather.

-South-Eastern tour

Wladyslaw and his entourage begin the Unification tour of the South-Eastern provinces.

-Bandit Skirmish

Wladyslaw and his Royal Guard attack and destroy a bandit hideout after hearing many reports of criminal activities in the locality. The success adds to Wladyslaw's popularity in the area.

-Steppesmen's Pledge

Wladyslaw secures the support of a reasonably large population of mixed steppes peoples, who settled in the south-eastern regions of Poland after having migrated west due to conflict in the east.

-Expansion of the Guard

The original Polish Royal Guard are expanded to include 10 Steppesmen members, apparently as an honour to the population of newly pledged warriors.

-September Delays

The northern leg of the Unification tour is delayed by a medical emergency and poor weather.

-Winter Halt

After an attempt at continuing, Wladyslaw I and his retinue decide to postpone the tour until better weather next year.