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1212 (608-609 AH)

  • 16 july (15 SAfar 609) Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa - Defeat of Christian Army by the ]Almohad. Order of Calatrava loses its Grand Master in the Battle.
  • 16 July Death of King Alfonso VIII of Castile, Regency of Eleanor Plantagenet

1213 (609-610 AH)

  • Aragonese victory at the Battle of Muret
  • I Castilian-Leonese War

1214 (610-611 AH)

  • First Almohad Summer Campaign of Alentejo. Recapture of Evora (Portuguese 1165-1214) and consolidation of southern half of Alentejo. Expulsion of the Order of Aviz from the same city of the same name to Santarem.

1215 (611-612 AH)

  • The Banu Marin (Marinids) take control of Bugia, Argel and al-Mansoura. Abd al-Haqq I, leader of the Marinids proclaims allegiance to the Abbasid Caliphate
  • Second Almohad Summer Campaign of Alentejo.
  • November- Siege of Castellon won by the Aragonese arrmy

1216 (612-613 AH)

  • October - Siege on Uncles, seat of the military Order of Santiago. Almohad victory and retreat of the Order to the North of Tagus.
  • II Castilian-Leonese War
  • August-September - Siege of Alcántara, seat of the military order of the same name, Almohad victory.

1217 (613-614 AH)

  • August-October 1217 Ships carrying crusaders on their way to Holy Land (Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II’s Sixth Crusade) siege of Alácer do Sal (Al Qaşr) that returns to Portuguese domain.
  • Organization and start of several Almohad campaigns under the command of Uzair ibn Jasmir against the rebellion of the Banu Marin (Marinids) in Argelia.

1218 (614-615 AH)

  • III Castilian-Leonese War
  • May - recapture of Toledo by the Almohad and control of southern shore of Tagus river.

1220 (616–617 AH)

  • First meeting of the Estats de Toulouse summoned by Pedro II The Catholic of Aragón.
  • Victory of the Almohad army in Alger, ending rule of Banu Marin (Marinids) in Argelia.

1221 (617-618 AH)

  • Third and last Almohad Summer Campaign of Alentejo. Recapture of Palmela (Portuguese 1147-1218) and consolidation of Alentejo, now part of the governorate of Badajoz.
  • August-October Capture of Ocaña and consolidation of southeast shore of Tagus river.

1222 (618–619 AH)

  • Almohad raid and siege of Santarem (inconclusive result).

1223 (617-618 AH)

  • Death of King Alfonso II of Portugal

1226 (622-624 AH)

  • March-April - Almohad victory at the siege of Alácer do Sal (Al Qaşr). However the Military Orders continue to resist in the vicinity of the countryside for several more months. It becomes one of the many private wars between the military orders and the elite troops of the Almohad.

1230 (627-628 AH)

  • June - Siege of Kunka (Cuenca) won the by the Almohad.
  • Death of Almohad Caliph Muhammad al-Nasir (628 AH)

1231 (628-629 AH)

  • May-July - Valencian campaign of Emir Abdul ibn Maarufi recaptures Castellon from Aragon

1240 (637-638 AH)

  • Siege of Tirwal (Teruel) won by the Almohad under the command of Emir Yussuf ibn Abdul ibn Maarufi. Northeast limits of Al-Andalus secured.

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