• Operation Sealion commences with Britain falling by 13 December 1940. However, a massive insurgency wreaks havoc on the German forces.


  • June 22: after a series of car bombs which killed Reinhard Heydrich, Albert Speer, Oswald Mosley in London, Hitler calls a meeting of his general staff in the Braunau Am inn.
  • June 24: Hitler agrees with a presentation made by Erich Von Manstein, which says that Hitler can expect a similar insurgency in Russia if Barbarossa goes ahead. Hitler decides to re-evaluate the operation and says to the meeting that a decision shall be made in 1 day.
  • June 25: Hitler announces that Barbarossa shall NOT go ahead. Instead, they will solidify their position in the face of an inevitable assault by the USA (Churchill is touring America, from Seattle to Miami, urging a war against Germany by now.)
  • December 7: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. Germany does not declare war on the USA
  • December 8: the Telemark plant is blown up by Norwegian partisans


  • March 5: The USA/Commonwealth have won at Midway (with Britain seen as a lost cause, The Commonwealth try to dig in in Africa and the Middle East, while they throw everything they have in the Pacific against Japan.


  • German Troops under Rommel capture Palestine. SS General Stroop created the Jerusalem Ghetto.
  • Stalin dies of a stroke. a power struggle erupts between the NKVD and the Red Army.


  • Hawaii is admitted as the 49th State in the Union.


  • April 20: Hitler unleashes Operation Gotterdammerung, the invasion of the United States. General Otto Skorzeny is to lead the assault.
  • April 21: the US/commonwealth navies defeat the Kriegsmarine at Bermuda. Otto is killed in the battle as well.
  • April 22: in retaliation, 60 US B-29s and B-32s fly over Norway and destroy the Telemark heavy water facility.
  • April 24: German troops seize Long Island and parts of Maryland, and begin to drive inland. Congress passes an emergency resolution that reduces the draft age to 16.
  • April 25: Congress also pass a resolution evacuating the Jews beyond the Mississippi and into Texas.
  • April 26: the Federal Government is evacuated to Fort Worth, Texas.
  • May 1st: The Battle of Long Island Sound. the Kriegsmarine gets revenge for the defeat at Bermuda.
  • May 27th: a German A9-10 rocket filled with nerve gas hits Washington. President Roosevelt is among those killed, and Harry Truman is sworn in.
  • July: the Manhattan project is successful, and the USA seek revenge for the nerve gas attack.
  • August 4th: work begins on tactical warheads.
  • September 7: The USA win at Albany.
  • September 8: Einsatzgruppen begin to get to work.


  • April 14: The last German forces are forced off the USA. In the meantime, the CIA (Which was formed earlier ATL) has been wreaking havoc on the Nazi nuclear weapons programme for years right under the SD's nose.
  • the German Resistance, or the Werwolfs is formed. Underground bunkers are secretly built all over Germany to house weapons, and youths are taught basic military tactics, to deal with the expected US occupation
  • German V4 Missiles begin bombarding US Cities.


  • June 1: The USA begin "Operation European Freedom", starting with the US liberation of Britain, Operation Boadicea. Since Gotterdammerung failed, the German myth of invincibility is shattered and US morale increases as a result. US B-36 bombers begin bombing runs over Britain using napalm and cluster bombs, setting up beachheads in Donegal and Galway.
  • June 14: Porstewart is liberated by the US Third Army with amphibious landings on the strand as well as attacks from Portrush and Coleraine. Now US supplies from Iceland have a better beachhead than in Galway.
  • December 1: Belfast has fallen to US soldiers. By some stroke of luck Wernher Von Braun and Walter Dornberger are captured working on a prototype missile. They are both extradited to the USA and given a choice: stand trial for War Crimes and face execution, or work with the USA. They both choose working with the USA, and they begin work on IRBMs with Dr. Einstein.


  • July 4: The H-bomb prototype is successfully tested in the Bikini Atoll.



  • March 6: The US B-52 enters mass production.
  • In a foreshadowing of Suzerain, Truman orders airstrikes on several V4 missile sites, especially after an attack on Charleston. Many are disasters as 9/10 of all Super Sabre fighters do not return.
  • Operation Suzerain the Invasion of France is launched on November 20th. After a successful landing, everything goes wrong.
  • December 3: A wing of B-52s fly over Dresden and unleash "Project Whirlwind" - a fuel-air bomb alongside napalm bombs. But the worst is yet to come.


  • April 20: During Hitler's birthday, hydrogen bombs are dropped on Berlin, Rome, Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt, with 2 prototype nuclear missiles fired from Ireland (namely Galway and Belfast) to Leverkusen and Hamburg killing millions in the ensuing Inferno.
  • April 21: The USSR launches its contingency plan of invading Eastern Europe during a Nazi collapse. Operation "Opportunity" takes the remains of the German Army by complete surprise and the Red Army soon manages to reach the Oder but finds it cannot advance any further due to fears of radiation. Meanwhile the armies of Germany's allies in the east fight desperately against the Soviet offensive.
  • April 23: After complete silence from Germany for 3 days, a single transmission is sent to the White house, containing just two words: We surrender. US intelligence concludes that after the bombing (Hitler was absent from the celebrations in Berlin or any other city. He was in his Austrian villa with his wife Eva along with other cronies), Rommel and Manstein realized they lost the war, they mounted a coup d'etat on the mansion, arresting all that were present, including Hitler, Goring and Himmler.
  • Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the most senior surviving German field commander and head of the German provisional government, formally signs the German surrender document on April 26th.
  • May 1: The New York trials begin with the Nazis standing trial for Crimes against Humanity, Peace and of aggression. Hitler tries to argue that the US committed crimes against humanity when they use nuclear weapons.
  • April 27th: The Occupation of Germany by British, French and American troops begins.
  • June 1st: The Nazi puppet government of Croatia surrenders to the Red Army completing the staggering.
  • the German resistance swings into action with a mass of truck bombings, and ambushes success of Operation Opportunity, now all of Eastern Europe is in Russian hands.
  • General George Patton is killed by a car bomb near Dresden on may 9th.
  • June 8: The European nations meet in Oslo to form the "European Confederation", to help Europe recover from the nuclear destruction of World War 2.
  • June 9: HUAC meets in Congress to discuss Terrorism and Communism as Un-American activities. Joe McCarthy would later gain infamy for asking people who are testifying: "Are you now or have you ever been a terrorist?". His committee would later uncover several terrorist cells and KKK chapters, but it is criticized for ruining innocent peoples' lives.


  • German suicide bombers strike the New York trials, killing the three most senior judges, and forcing its postponement.
  • An American soldier, private Charles Buchmann is kidnapped by the German resistance, and a film of him including the German Liberation Front's demand that the US lead forces leave Germany.
  • Protests begin in America over the massive death toll inflicted by the occupation of Germany. Over 10,000 American servicemen have died due to the GLF's tactics. However, the anti-occupation movement is polarized when the death camps are revealed for all to see.
  • Former General Eisenhower (who led the successful repulsion of Gotterdammerung), wins the election against Harry Truman in a landslide. The first of his plans is a "troop surge", to gain support among the moderate Germans, especially the White Rose Society.
  • May 1: Hitler, Himmler, Goring, Bormann, Streicher, Goebbels, and other Nazi Bigwigs are found guilty and sentenced to death- by electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. Robert Taft denounces the New York trials as "victors Justice".


  • March 3: The "European confederation is formally founded in Stockholm, to bring a new age. They discuss the thorny issue of colonies and their position in this New World.
  • German hijackers hijack seven airliners, four in Europe and three in Europe. They are crashed into the Empire State Building, the White house, Sing Sing Prison where the New York trials are to be sentenced to death, and the Capitol Building. In Europe, the Eiffel tower and Big Ben are destroyed. The final one escapes to Spain, where Franco gives them refuge. The attacks stun the world, as an attack of this kind has never happened before. Airport security is massively increased, and people look to find a solution to the eternal terrorist war in Germany. All the Nazis (especially Hitler) are immediately transferred to Alcatraz Island, which has now got SAM missiles designed to take out airlines, as well as around the clock US military security.
  • Americans Against the War in Germany, or AAWG, is founded. Its mission is to get American troops out of the occupation of Germany. They use the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and North America to justify their protests.
  • A Radium Bomb is detonated in downtown Washington D.C. the bomb was secretly created by 'Recovered' German nuclear scientists. 2000 people are poisoned by radiation. America responds by launching an airstrike in the Alpine redoubt, but was to no avail.


  • April 20: Hitler and his cronies are executed on live TV (an ironic invention of Nazi Germany). Terrorists respond by sending a suicide bomber to the White House, but he is stopped just outside the gates by Secret Service members.
  • May 5: Alcatraz is shut down and dismantled (apparently because of budget problems, but in reality to prevent it being a shrine to neo-nazis)
  • The Korean War Begins. North Korean troops overwhelm and capture south Korea, re-unifying the country under Kim Il-Sung's rule.


  • An AAWG demonstration outside the wrecked White House is broken up by National Guardsmen. Two are killed, and 26 injured. This is a public relations disaster for Eisenhower, and the AAWG gains much popular support.
  • A breakthrough is made when a GLF plot to bomb the European Parliament in Stockholm is foiled, and is considered a turning point in the war on terror.


  • A second attempt to bomb the European Parliament is more successful, and kills 67 people.
  • A remembrance parade is held to commemorate the victims of the Nazi invasion of the United States.


  • The Vietnam Revolution ends. Ho Chi Minh re-unifies the country.


  • One of the Senior Lieutenants of the GLF is killed when his camp in the Austrian Mountains is attacked by American Aircraft.
  • The GLF retaliate by capturing and beheading 3 US Soldiers.
  • Italy is admitted into the European Confederation


  • a Communist rebellion breaks out in the Philippines (which is still a US territory ATL).
  • A Communist revolt takes place in Malaysia. The British, still trying to hold on to Germany, reluctantly leave and Malaysia turns Communist.



  • The Presidential election. The Republicans aim to get America out of the war in Germany, while the Democrats want to stay in Germany, to aid its transmission to democracy.
  • The election between Barry Goldwater (a Protege of Robert Taft ATL) and John F Kennedy has reached a stalemate like OTL, but Kennedy wins by a razor's edge of one electoral vote and 2000 votes.


  • Increased tensions between China and the USSR


  • Yugoslavia is admitted into the European Confederation (which lasts to the present day with the Balkans being more stable)


  • Greece is admitted into the EC alongside Hungary.
  • JFK wins a second term over Richard Nixon.



  • the The Sino-Soviet War begins. Russian troops initially move swiftly, but the masses of Chinese troops soon slow down the advance.
  • The troubles begin in Northern Ireland with



  • Codeword 'Lightning' is sent to the troops in china, and 23 15Kt Tactical Nuclear weapons are employed against the Chinese. The Chinese soon retaliate.


  • Terrorists from the Red Army Faction strike several US military bases.
  • Heightened traces of radiation are detected in Japan.
  • With the world on the brink of Armageddon, the UN sent its two best diplomats to bring the war to a close.
  • The Sino-Soviet war ends. Much of China is irradiated, along with much of Japan and the Philippines. Even Hawaii has double the normal radiation level. Over 15,000,000 have died in the war.



The US Election. The Republicans have much Support from AAWG, who enjoy massive support. The Democrats are fast running out, and their defeat seems inevitable. The midterms conclude with the Republicans gaining control of the Senate, but the Dems hold on to the house by one Representative.


  • There is an IRA bombing in Coleraine University. US forces in Fort Fionn are put on high alert.
  • A massive demonstration takes place in Belfast over US military presence in Northern Ireland as well as there not being a 32 county Ireland, which quickly descends into riots that result in 20 dead.





  • Francisco Franco, Fascist Dictator of Spain dies.
  • King Juan Carlos immediately requests admission into the European Confederation.



  • Troop Withdrawals from Germany begin. This is a hotly debated move.




  • Reagan wins in a landslide against Jimmy Carter over foreign and economic policy.





  • Reagan wins in a landslide over Walter Mondale.


  • Controversy ensues after several Abrams tanks appear on the streets of Derry after the IRA/UVF begin barricading their regions of the city. But the appearance of tanks brings about a quick surrender. Reagan replies on national TV by saying "today, we have done what we had to do. The IRA are a clear and present danger to the US soldiers stationed there as well as to the Irish people who they helped liberate from the Nazi Yoke. They are slitting their own throats if they continue this campaign of violence and carnage"








  • Bill Clinton wins the elections over George Bush and Lyndon LaRouche





  • John McCain wins the election over Bill Clinton, who is seen as having lost over the Northern Ireland issue.


  • Puerto Rico is admitted into the Union.
  • A memorial is opened for the holocaust victims in Europe and North America.


  • The US Military base at Coleraine is hit with an IRA bomb. There are a reported 50 casualties.



  • John McCain wins a second term with the success in NI as well as in the War on Terror (which takes place alongside the cold war).


  • When visiting Dublin after the Miami Accords (which are not unlike the Good Friday agreement), John McCain is killed by a sniper, which is revealed to be a GLF sleeper cell. His VP, Mike Huckabee is sworn in at Little Rock, Arkansas where he was giving a lecture at the university.




  • Mike Huckabee loses to JFK Jr.





  • Call of duty 4 causes controversy because of its theme being Northern Ireland in WW2 and the Nazis being helped by the UVF in-game and the USA being helped by the IRA. Ian Paisley condemns COD4 as "irresponsible tools of Satan". President Kennedy says in a public statement that not only does he support the game, he also plays it.
  • JFK Jr wins the elections against Karl Rove.
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