Alternative History

1861: The CS does not invade Kentucky.

1862: After the Trent Affair and the many Confederate victories, Britain gives the CS diplomatic recognition. The CSA wins independence.

1864: George McClellan defeats Lincoln in the US elections.

1865: McClellan passes many bills that give states wide ranging power over internal affairs. Britain dissolves their alliance with the CS when they refuse to abolish slavery.

1866: The first election in the CSA. Independent Robert Lee defeats Whig Alexander Stephens beginning the tradition of non-party based elections in the CSA.

1868: The status of Kentucky is finally decided on (It was an independent republic in the civil war): It is to hold a referendum on which country it wants to join or whether to stay independent. Most Kentuckians choose to join the CSA. George McClellan wins a second term as president.

1870: The CSA enters Kentucky.

1871: Germany is unified.

1872: The Democratic Party disintegrates. Ulysses S. Grant wins the presidency. The Mormons in Utah attempt to secede. In the CS Alexander Stephens becomes president.

1874: Italian Unification is finished. Alaska is bought by the US.

1876: Rutherford B. Hays wins the US presidency. Russia sells Alaska to the USA

1878: The CSA purchases Cuba from Spain.

1882: The Second Civil War starts when Maryland secedes. Washington is ceded to the CSA.

1885: The CSA manages to gain France as an ally. The US allies with Germany. Kentucky and Maryland both start to view the US and CS with increasing fears.

1887: Unrest in Alaska comes to a disaster when the US refuses to admit the area as a state.

1889: Alaska declares independence.

1893: Alaska is defeated in the Alaskan Revolt.

1896: Brittan joins the Central Powers (US, Germany, Austria-Hungary)

1902: Russia joins the Entente (France, the CSA)

1905: Texas secedes from the CSA after they admit the state of Sequoya including the disputed territory of Greer County.