Alternative History

1700s-Rise of an Empire[]

1707-On May 1 the Kingdom of Great Britain is formed. The new union is formed by Wales, Scotland and England.

1706-Scotland and England combined their parliaments together after signing the Treaty of Union. Ireland merges with Great Britain becoming the United Kingdom.

1710-France and U.K. sign the two treaties, Utrecht and Rastadant, and the war ended.  

1800s-Holy Britannica Empire[]

1900s-Global Conflict[]

1901-Queen Victoria (healthy) leads the empire to a new era of expansionism and prosperity. She sends 30,000 to the Protectorate of Byzantium to invaded Austria-Hungary Empire to expand its hold in Europe. But Franco-Spanish and the Russian empires forced Victoria not to invade Austria-Hungary because of the European Peace Conference in 1900. Since Europe can't be conquered, Victoria sends her troops to Portuguese colonies and Ethiopia to connect South Africa and Egypt.