Alternative History


  • March 17: Two American journalists (Laura Ling and Euna Lee) are arrested by North Korean police.
  • March 30: The North Korean state news agency (KCNA) reports that the trials of the journalists will be held soon.
  • May 25: North Korea conducts a second nuclear test (the first being held in 2006).
  • May 27: The United Nations declare that any North Korean ship can be searched. The North Korean government issues a statement that any such action would be interpreted as a declaration of war.
  • June 1: The trial of the journalists is held. Instead of the assumed accusation of illegal entry, the two reporters are tried for espionage during a time of war, and are sentenced to execution.
  • June 2: The KCNA reports the verdict of the previous day's trial. The United States is outraged, and demands the extradition of the journalists.
  • June 4: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls for suspension of aid to North Korea from UN members.
  • June 11: A North Korean cargo ship headed for the port of Hungnam is stopped by two South Korean navy vessels in the Sea of Japan. The North Koreans comply with the South Koreans' demand for a search, but have secretly radioed to a nearby North Korean military ship.

Fifteen South Koreans board the vessel and attempt to search the ship. The North Koreans are uncooperative. A young engineer insults a South Korean sailor, and is pushed against the wall. Tensions begin to rise. Several North Koreans remonstrate. Suddenly, a shot rings out, and a North Korean falls to the ground! The enraged mob turns on the South Koreans. The vastly outmanned South Koreans are soon

  • June 18: North Korea qualifies for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, to be held in South Africa, by drawing with Saudi Arabia 0-0. They also beat the UAE (twice) and Saudi Arabia and drew with South Korea and Iran. This was quite an achievement considering Iran, Saudi Arabia and South Korea had all played in the previous World Cup, with South Korea reaching the semi-finals in 2002.