Alternative History

The Timeline for the 'War of the World' Timeline.


  • July 5th: during the testing of the Particle Accelerator, five key scientists, Theodore Wilson, Victor Straus, Hiro Takashiko, Katherine Morton, and Sonya Tarasov are caught in a rip in time and space, and flung into the past.


  • Waking up, they find themselves separated, and in unknown locations. Their mobile phones don't work.
  • July 7th: Hiro lands in Imperial Japan. His expertise in both physics and microbiology led the Kempetai to take him into custody.
  • July 9th: Victor is apprehended by the Gestapo, for 'suspicious behaviour.' After lengthy interrogation, they learn he is from the future. under threat of torture, he reveals the outcome of WWII in his future. Victor is whisked off to meet the Führer.
  • July 10th: Victor meets Hitler, and agrees to help him win the war, on condition the Jews are all allowed to settle in Palestine, which is to become a 'Jewish Homeland.'
  • July 11th: Katherine Morden meets the Prime minister, Neville Chamberlain. despite intense talks, Katherine is unable to convince Chamberlain that war is coming. Churchill also meets her, and becomes an ardent supporter.
  • July 11th: Sonya hides out with a farmer's Family in Byelorussia.
  • September 1st: the German army attacks Poland. the Second World War begins.
  • September 3rd: Britain Declares war on Germany. Katherine is recruited into the Navy by Churchill.
  • Poland's Army is no match for the improved German Army. Poland surrenders on October 6th. The Soviet Union takes its half of Poland.


  • January 2nd: Theodore Wilson meets with President Roosevelt. With several of his predictions already come true, he is recruited by the US Army to advance weapons' technology.
  • January 7th: Wilson meets with Robert Goddard. He warns the scientist of Cancer.
  • February 4th: First Test of the V2 Rocket at Peenemunde. British efforts to bomb it with prototype Lancaster Bombers are repeatedly met with failures.


  • December 7th: Pearl Harbor takes place, but it is a battle instead of an air attack. However, the massed use of Kamakaze planes, combined with a ground invasion by four divisions later that same day, seals the fate of Hawaii. Japanese casualties are heavy.


The British are invaded by Germans because the Germans have more advanced weaponry than the British. The SS go into London and kill the Prime Minister. Victor is put in charge of England.