Alternative History

Before Christ[]

4.56 Billion B.C.[]

In a far off System, two Stars are formed: Our Sun, and Jupiter, although originally formed as a gas giant collapses into a white dwarf. As a result, intelligent life develops on nearly every planet in the system. The inner planets have: Humans (Earth), Zantaruns (Mars), and Ruluks (Venus), and refer to their system as 'Sol'. The outer planets contain the: Alayans (Saturn), Hurasie (Uranus), Tivers (Neptune). They refer to their system as 'Uminon'.

3.14 Billion B.C.[]

During the early years of the solar systems, six asteroids containing life, in the form of cells frozen in water ice, are pulled out of orbit, and crash into one of the soon-to-be-inhabited planets.

3 Billion B.C.[]

The oceans are filled and life emerges, on all seven planets. evidence suggest the first might have been the early aquatic Human ancestors from Earth, or the Hurasie from Uranus.

Circa 300,000 B.C.[]

Sentient life emerges from the oceans of Saturn, the marshes of Uranus, and the swamps of Neptune. Due to the excess of carbon, the life forms skeletal structures are incredibly tough making most of the organs covered by the ribcages well protected.

Circa 250,000 B.C.[]

Sentient life emerges on Mars,the Zanturans favor an amphibious, humanoid squid-like creature.

Circa 220,000 B.C.[]

Sentient life emerges on Venus. The Ruluks are the most humanoid non-humans, with four limbs, and upright standing, and colorful skin.

Circa 200,000 B.C.[]

The sentient life of the once-gas giants meet the other two, and like what they see. There is little war, and they form an alliance spreading culture and wealth throughout Umion.

19th century (Earth Calender)[]

June 7th, 1807[]

The United Sentients' Republic (Or USR), the united government of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune is formed, and sends a series of probes to explore Mars. Though the peaceful life of Mars has known little war, the Commander of the USR's Military deems them a threat to their very existence, and sends a fleet of warships to combat the enemy.

September 17th, 1817[]

The invaders are repelled, though the war leaves scars on both the planet and the population. To prevent another such attack and vast loss of life, the planetary superpower known as 'Protereae' begins the process of militarization.

December 1, 1899[]

The Ruluks discover space flight; the species launches its first manned flight to orbit Earth's moon Luna, at this time the space craft reports the existence of industrialized life on Earth. The Ruluks newly created united government the "Order of Nations" rules that Earths society is not advanced enough to make first contact.

20th Century (Earth Calender)[]

October 4, 1957[]

The USSR launches the spacecraft Sputnik 1, which becomes the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth. This sparks interest for the Ruluks to examine Humanity. A lengthy debate ensues in the Order of Nations on whether to contact Earth; in the end at a 14 to 16 vote the decision is made to "wait and see if the 'so-called advance species' is able to launch a human being into space.

April 12, 1961[]

Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human to enter space and the first human to make first contact with Ruluks. Using radio broadcasts to learn one another's language, a process that took roughly five weeks, the Ruluk Order of Nations, and the Human United Nations decide to hold a meeting on Earth.

May 22nd 1961[]

Decisions are made, and both species form the Planetary Pact; a set of laws which Earth analysts have called the "Geneva Convention of the System".

July 4th, 1961[]

Though none of the inner planets' species have yet mastered space travel, there has been some civilian travel between planets, and, most of the public seems content with aliens on their planet and vice versa. In addition, the Ruluks and Humans begin building a space elevator on earth in central Pacific ocean.

March 8th, 1962[]

NASA gets the green light to send probes to Mars to see if it is inhabited as well. The Martians, however, take this as an act of war, and begin preparing the populace for battle, this time from Earth. They send their capital ship, The Necros, to earth filled with two-hundred fifty-thousand troops, and tens of thousands of tanks, aircraft, and spacecraft meant for war.

April 1st, 1962[]

The Necros enters orbit around the Earth, lying in wait and broadcasting about the coming battle and waffling on about how they shall crush the earthlings into the dirt, etc. Most human devices do not pick up the broadcast, however, as they are too primitive. Some devices, are not, and the UN and OoN quickly take action, sending up ambassadors via space shuttle, to talk to the Martians. After prolonged discussion, everyone realizes it was all a big misunderstanding, and join the Inner Planets Coalition, a government to unite all the sentient species under one banner, so that they may strive for peace, justice, and equality for all.

January 1st, 1990[]

It has been nearly thirty years since the IPC began, and now the three races flourish, sharing culture, technology, and wealth with one another. Not all humans are united however, as a paramilitary organization made up of rogue, prejudiced humans known as the "Milites Dei", Latin for "Soldiers of God", is formed with plans to kill any and all aliens to free the earth from their 'puppet government'. They have great and devious plans for the future, though hardly more than a small militia, so all they may do now is lie in wait.

21st Century (Earth Calender)[]

February 29th, 2000[]

The Earth now has one united government, a space elevator, and a large hydrogen mining operation on the Moon. Flying cars, intelligent automatons, even teleportation are just a few technologies now available to the public, though teleportation is used to transport non-living organisms only. The Milites Dei cult now has 200,000 members, a vast armory of weaponized lasers, Electromagnetic Pulse based weaponry, and a superfluous amount of nano-machines just waiting to dominate the world. They plan to march into Washington, D.C., the capital of the world, kill everyone who would dare stand in their way, and appoint themselves "Kings of the Earth".

March 1st, 2000[]

The Milites Dei members meet in Maryland, just outside the capital. They arm themselves, get into marching formation, and fire massive EMP cannons, catching D.C. in a web of confusion, and dead technology. With that, they storm into the capital, making for the White House, killing any bystanders, and meeting the secret service just moments after welding open a hole in the front gates. The secret service gives a good fight, but not good enough as the Milites Dei marches into the White House, where the leaders from each continent are in a meeting about what to do with the frozen and uninhabited Antarctica. The USR sees the terrorist attack as a chance to take over the planet, immediately they begin mobilization of troops and space crafts.

March 2nd, 2000[]

The EU government of Earth deploys a group of elite peacekeepers to Washington D.C. They raid the capital building and kill almost all of Milites Dei leaders in the building while minimizing hostage casualties, in fact the only injury was a stray bullet that hit Asian senator Hu Jintao in the back and paralyzed him from the waist down. When the more minor members of Milites Dei try to escape, but they are slaughtered or captured by the military set up outside the city. The USR sends a few spies to Earth and learn that they are developing a secret WMD specifically designed to combat them, the USR later returns their ships back to their planets.

November 13th, 2000[]

Milites Dei members (who were not captured, killed or escaped into space) form the "Earth First Party". It is incredibly unpopular, they're about 600,000 members and most of humanity sees them as a group of violent hate mongers. There agenda includes cutting off all ties with alien species, ban the teachings of alien languages in schools and find probable cause to invade all alien worlds.

To be continued...