This article chronicles events in the World of Nikola Tesla by chronology. At present the latest year reached is 1995.

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19th Century

  • 1856: Nikola Tesla is born. (as in OTL)
  • 1874: Guglielmo Marconi is born. (as in OTL)
  • 1888: The Great Blizzard of 1888 occurs. The Edison Wireless Telegraphy system (AKA Grasshopper Telegraphy) is used by stranded trains during the blizzard thus becoming the world's first successful use of wireless communication to send a distress signal. (as in OTL)
  • 1890: National Woman's Suffrage Association is established with Susan B. Anthony as a leading force. (as in OTL)
  • 1896 Connecticut enacts marriage laws with eugenic criteria forbidding persons who are "epileptic, imbecile or feeble-minded" from marrying. (as in OTL)

20th Century

  • 1914: Thomas Edison fails to successfully critique Tesla's proposal of using Radio Waves to detect German submarines, thus opening to the U.S Navy early experimentation into RADAR/SONAR (a WWII era technology in OTL).
  • 1916: With Italy having joined the war effort in 1915, Marconi's contributions to radio are examined in association with America's Radar/Sonar program and sees the technology realized. This results in the Germans suffering more submarine losses during the The Great War, and the Entente completing more successful supply runs in the Atlantic as the research into this technology was naturally shared with the British.
  • 1920 18 August: The U.S Congress passes the 19th Amendment which ensures that no person may be denied the right to vote based on their sex. (as in OTL)
  • 1927 Supreme Court Case Buck vs Bell which legitimized the sterilization of patients at a Virginia home for the retarded. (as in OTL)
  • 1928: Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta (Canada) is enacted (as in OTL)
  • 1931: Guglielmo Marconi sets up Vatican Radio for Pope Pius IX (as in OTL)
  • 1937: Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta (Canada) is amended (as in OTL)
  • 1942 c: Hedy Lamar patents the concept of "frequency-hopping" alongside George Antheil. Lamar and Antheil used this concept to develop a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes during the war - a system capable of countering the jamming methods of the Axis. This system is adopted by the Allies during the war (in OTL this system would not be adopted until the 1960s). Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta (Canada) is amended (as in OTL).
  • 1956: Nikola Tesla dies of old age at 100 years.
  • 1966 c: The equivalent of WaveLAN is invented.
  • 1972: Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta (Canada) is not repealed (but amended to remove race as a factor).
  • 1976 c: The equivalent of Wi-Fi is invented.
  • 1995 c: After a court case (where an Alberta woman, Leilani Muir, sued the province and won after it was found that she possessed normal intelligence, IQ 89 compared to her childhood score of 64, and never should have been sterilized; she was ten when she was sterilized in 1959) brings to public attention the ills of sterilizing children in Alberta, Canada. The Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta is again amended to protect those with a developing mind, eliminating Childhood Sterilizations in the region - effectively making it so that persons younger then 18 are not valid for sterilization.

21st Century

  • ---

Differences compared to OTL

  • 19th Century:
  • 20th Century: U.S Navy developed Radar/Sonar technology around the late 1910s during the First World War. Radio Guided Torpedoes were adopted, though in limited number, by the U.S Navy during World War II.
  • 21st Century: John Franklin Stephens, Down Syndrome Advocate doesn't exist due to the Eugenics practiced in this timeline.
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