Alternative History

This is the timeline of events following the eruption of the Supervolcano Yellowstone on July 18, 1936.

For an abridged version of the timeline see the Overview Timeline.

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For one decade following the end of the Great War, nationalism, totalitarianism, and other extremist ideas were beginning to bubble out from under the noses of the victors. With tensions mounting following the rise of Fascists (or National Socialists) in Italy, Austria, Germany and Japan, and the Communist civil wars in Russia and China, the world stood on the brink of total collapse.

The World as of 1936

July 18, 1936

Initial tremors in the Montana/Wyoming area seized the population during the weeks prior to the Yellowstone eruption. Over the week, these tremors began to grow in size and magnitude, with strange occurrences being noted at the Yellowstone national park; up-and-down movement of the land appeared to be occurring faster than usual, and that the pungent gas present in some of areas of the park were growing stronger. Suddenly, at 2:47, Saturday, July 18, 1936, the eruption began. On a scale of 9.1 on the Richter scale, an earthquake lasting for around 6 minutes rocked the area, tumbling over any free-standing building, and the land begun to fall in.