1996 presidential election(President Hendrix)

  • August 1996: Hendrix is confirmed as the GOP nominee after defeating Bob Dole in the primaries. In the RNC, he confirms Senator Dole as his running mate, with Ron Paul as secretary of the treasury.
  • September 1996: After Ross Perot decides to drop out of the race Hendrix begins to lead Clinton in the polls by 4% nationally.
  • November 1996: Hendrix defeats Clinton by five points in the general election and becomes the first black president of the United States. Clinton's defeat is blamed by many on his loss of the African American vote.

First term and Reelection


  • Hendrix begins with his plans to utilize the Clinton surplus.
  • Hendrix receives a CIA memo about possible genocide in former Yugoslavia. Hendrix sends troops to stabilize the region as well as publicise evidence of Serbian atrocities in the region.
  • The Yugoslav War begins with a large amount of NATO forces invading yugoslavia via Germany.


  • Hendrix imposes the largest tax cut in history which leads to a 8% increase in economic growth.
  • Hendrix signs a bill which constructs a 3000 mile long fence along the U.S Mexican border.
  • Congress approves a troop surge in Yugoslavia.
  • Hendrix goes to occupied Sarajevo and narrowly misses sniper fire. He promotes Wesley clark to Lieutenant General


  • Hendrix gets the income tax repealed.
  • Hendrix cuts all "pork barrel" programs funded by the government.
  • US forces are within striking distance of Belgrade. The Highway from Sarajevo to Belgrade is described as being littered with tanks and plane wreckage. General Wesley Clark syncs up with the Croatian 3rd army and Bosnian 8th Brigade for the siege of Belgrade.
  • Vice president Dole says he will retire at the end his term as vice president due to age issues.
  • The airlines security act is passed, which leads to impenetrable cockpit doors being implemented over six months.
  • Slobodan Milošević is captured in Belgrade by NATO forces. Hendrix said on TV: "Today, I can proudly say, Mission Accomplished". His approval ratings go through the roof

2000: 2000 presidential election(President Hendrix)

  • Tom Gephardt becomes the Democratic nominee for president.
  • Senator John McCain of Arizona is chosen as Hendrix's running mate.
  • Hendrix is reelected in a landslide after defeating Tom Gephardt and the Democrats with 372 electoral votes to 166.

Second Term


  • Hendrix is sworn in for his second term.
  • U.S occupation of the Balkans ends, shortly after Radovan Karadzic is caught and sent to the hague for genocide charges.
  • On 9/11, the hijackers fail miserably after they fail to breach the doors.
  • With 9/11 a failure, Hendrix decides to seek out and punish Bin Laden. The CIA tell him that Bin Laden is hiding in Afghanistan. Ron Paul then reminds Hendrix of a long forgotten loophole in catching Bin Laden - a letter of Marque and Reprisal.
  • Hendrix and the Secretary of defense Colin Powell co-sign a letter of Marque and reprisal on September 6 demanding that Mullah Omar hand over Bin Laden or they will refer it to the UN.
  • Mullah Omar refuses, and declares that the "imperialist warmongers will not step on Holy Land".
  • Hendrix fulfills his promise and gets the UN to approve an invasion of Afghanistan.
  • As a result of more competent leadership at the helm, the US capture Bin Laden in a matter of weeks and the Taliban are irrevocably routed.


  • Al Qaeda's second in command Ayman Al Zawahiri is killed by U.S forces.
  • Combat operations in Afghanistan end. U.S forces begin the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
  • Hendrix increases funding for NASA in the Space exploration act.
  • Mullah Omar is killed after a series of air strikes in Waziristan, Pakistan successfully eliminates most of the Taliban leadership.
  • Croatia joins the Balkan Confederation
  • John McCain announces his plans to run for president. Hendrix gives his support to McCain, saying that John McCain will help America sail into this golden age.
  • After the CIA confirm VX gas was used on the Kurds, the United States gets Britain, Poland, Italy, France, Britain, Spain and Norway to help them in overthrowing Saddam.
  • Saddam is caught hiding in the presidential palace within 2 months. Saddam is subsequently handed over for trial to the Iraqi people and hung on New Year's eve. The execution video controversially makes it on to YouTube.
  • The last US forces withdraw from Yugoslavia.


  • John McCain confirms he is running for president as a Republican.
  • The Columbia disaster does not take place as all the fleet is grounded for a complete refit under the Space Exploration act.
  • Roe V Wade is overturned and the Abortion issue is devolved to the states


  • The first troop withdrawal begins. 20% of the invasion force returns from iraq. Because of the more competent leadership, all of the soldiers are expected to return by 2009.
  • Hendrix signs the provisions for a missile defence shield after relations with Russia begin to sour again.
  • Hendrix signs the enabling act that would admit Puerto Rico as a state on July 4 2005
  • Serbia and Montenegro join the Balkan confederation

Domestic Policy

  • NASA gets more funding, and they are projected to get a man on Mars by 2012.
  • Hendrix decides to liberalise on the Marijuana laws which come under the Narcotics act.
  • Illegal immigration is less of a Hot button issue, but still an important one.
  • Crime and corruption figures are at their lowest in decades.
  • The average house hold income rises to $125 000.
  • All Gun Control laws are repealed.
  • Puerto Rico became a State in the Union in 2004.
  • Roe V Wade was overturned, and the abortion debate was devolved to the states.

Foreign Policy

  • With Jimi Hendrix at the helm, the US was described as entering a "Golden Age" of prosperity.
  • The Yugoslav wars are ended earlier with US ground presence.
  • The War on drugs was seen as more successful, especially as FARC are driven out of Colombia and destroyed entirely. Drug rings were also smashed across Latin America and Central Asia. FARC are currently reduced to the borders with venezuela and Ecuador, with periodic skirmishes being a minor nuisance.
  • The war on terror is more successfully executed, with Al-Qaeda being smashed in the nerve centre.
  • The War in Iraq takes place, but with more unilateral support, it is far more successful than in OTL with U.S forces leaving the country in 2009.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan are stable democracies, with close links to America. But Afhganistan still has problems with the Taliban, who are more in the tora bora provinces.
  • Pakistan is more stable, with the Taliban's routing.
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