The Hoover-Curtis Cabinet

  • President: Herbert Clark Hoover
  • Vice President: Charles Curtis

  • Secretary of State: Henry L. Stimson
  • Secretary of Treasury: Andrew Mellon, Ogden L. Mills
  • Secretary of War: James W. Good, Patrick J. Hurley
  • Attorney General: William D. Mitchell
  • Postmaster General: Walter F. Brown
  • Secretary of the Navy: Charles F. Adams
  • Secretary of Interior: Ray L. Wilbur
  • Secretary of Agriculture: Arthur M. Hyde
  • Secretary of Commerce: Robert P. Lamont, Roy D. Chapin
  • Secretary of Labor: James J. Davis, William N. Noak


  • June 15: The Republican National Convention chose Secretary of Commerce Herbert C. Hoover as their presidential nominee. Hoover did not interfere with his running mate, and Charles Curtis was selected.
  • June 28: The Democratic National Convention chose New York Governor Al Smith as their presidential nominee. Senator Robinson became the vice presidential nominee.
  • November 6: The Republican ticket of Hoover/Curtis defeats the Democratic ticket of Smith/Robinson in a landslide.


  • March 4:' Herbert C. Hoover is inaugurated as the 31st President of the United States, succeeding Calvin Coolidge.
  • May: The Wickersham Commission investigates alcohol prohibition in the United States.
  • June 7: Vatican City becomes a sovereign nation.
  • July 24: The Kellogg-Bryan Pact goes into effect.
  • July 25: Pope Pius XI ends his self-imprisonment.
  • September 3: The Dow Jones Industrial Average peaks at 381.71
  • October 18: Women are considered humans by the League of Nations. The first women enter the Canadian Senate.
  • October 24: Wall Street crashes, wiping out more than $30 billion of NYSE.
  • December 3: President Hoover announces to Congress that the Americans are regaining faith in their economy.


  • March 29: Heinrich Gruning becomes Chancellor of Germany.
  • April 5: Mohandas Gandhi breaks British law and goes to the sea to make salt.
  • April 22: United States, United Kingdom, and Japan sign the London Naval Treaty, limiting their submarines and shipbuilding.
  • May 17: France pulls out of Rhineland.
  • June 17: President Hoover signs the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act into law.
  • July 7: Border Dam begins being build (OTL Hoover Dam)
  • July 28: Richard Bennett becomes Prime Minister of Canada.
  • August 6: Judge Joseph Force Carter disappears after stepping into a taxi cab in New York.
  • August 27: A military junta takes over Peru.
  • September 6: Jose F. Uriburu overthrows President Yrigoyen
  • September 14: Nazis when 104 seats in German Parliament.
  • October 24: Getulio Vargas becomes President of Brazil.
  • December 2: President Hoover asks Congress for $150 million for economic stimulation.


  • February 20: California gets the go-ahead to build the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • March 1: The USS Arizona is put back into commission.
  • March 3: Star-Spangled Banner becomes the American national anthem.
  • April 14: The Second Spanish Republic is proclaimed in Madrid.
  • April 22: President Hoover joins Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Sweden to recognize the new Spanish Republic.
  • May: Humans begin evolving. The most prominent of the evolved is Marcus Cray (Starman), whose house is bombed by a comet, and he becomes superhuman.
  • May 1: The Empire State Building is completed in New York.
  • May 11: Creditanstalt collapses, causing a great depression in central Europe.
  • June 5: Chancellor Bruning of Germany warns Prime Minister MacDonald of United Kingdom a great depression in Europe.
  • June 19: To attempt to stop a worldwide economic meltdown, President Hoover issues the Hoover Moratorium


  • July 21: President Hoover enacts the Emergency Relief and Construction Act, later inspiring Roosevelt's New Deal.
  • September 23: Starman battles Darkheart in the streets of Manhattan. President Hoover asks Starman to create Hero Corp.
  • November 8: The Republican incumbent ticket of Hoover/Curtis is defeated by Democratic ticket of Roosevelt/Garner.
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