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This is a timeline of events that stretched over the period of the Pacific War. All events are pertaining the the war. For a timeline of historical events predating the war see here.


  • December 10th 1950: The Japanese 1950 Offensive begins. The American naval base of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii is surprise attacked by Japanese forces, destroying several ships and aircraft.
  • December 11th 1950: Japanese invasion forces are prepared to attack the following locations. They are marked as taking place on 11 December because of their position past the international date line, despite taking place a few hours after the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
    • American bases on Guam and Wake Island are assaulted by the Japanese.
    • Japanese forces attack the British crown colony of Hong Kong, beginning the Battle of Hong Kong.
    • The Japanese invasion of the US controlled Commonwealth of the Philippines begins.
    • The Japanese invasion of Thailand begins from bases in French Indochina. Thailand surrenders later that day.


  • January 1th 1950: The British crown colony of Hong Kong surrenders to the Japanese invaders on a day that would later be referred to as "Black New Year's" by Hong Kong locals.

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