Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum althistory is consists of several different timelines within it, having been developed around the parallel Point of Divergences called the Holms. Currently, there are four holm timelines that are part of this althistory.

A Broken Myth

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This timeline is the central feature of Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum althistory. From this timeline, this althistory is built around. A Broken Myth perhaps the most detailed timeline on Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum althistory as it covering many pages, has a greater butterfly effect, affecting a large region in the ATL world, and I had been put much effort for writing this timeline. Several timelines on this althistory also derived from this timeline. The timeline focused mainly on East Asian history starting from 1800s. However, the only thing that explored heavily on this timeline is the history of Japan where the main POD of this althistory and this timeline took place.

This timeline also contains the actual history written in Japanese-biased style as in the ATL pages of Japan, Korea, and Manchuria.

Du Gamla, du Fria

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Wind that Brought a Redemption

Main article: Wind that Brought a Redemption The name of this timeline, Wind that Brought a Redemption, quoted from the speech of Robert Rhett, the main advocate of Southern United States independence:

"A few more bounds, and it falls – the Union falls; and with it falls, its faithless oppressions – its insulting agitations – its vulgar tyrannies and fanaticism. The bugle blast of our victory and redemption is on the wind; and the South will be safe and free."

The holm of this timeline is surrounding around the success, not the victory, of the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War to gain the independence. Ironically, this timeline itself is not gravitating around the Confederate States, but instead around the history of the United States. As result, it is not only covering the politics of the United States, but also the world styles and trends.

A Place in the Sun

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