Alternative History

Point of Divergence

On her Maiden Voyage to New York City, the R.M.S. Titanic collided with an iceberg. However, quick thinking by First Officer William Murdoch, who, in comparison to OTL, did not reverse the engines while ordering the ship "Hard a' Starboard," instead giving the massive liner the ability to turn enough that only two compartments were damaged, and with small holes that could easily be repaired.

The Titanic, turning to avoid the iceberg that may have sank her.

It was later theorized that, had the Titanic reversed the engines while turning, five, or maybe even six watertight compartments, more than the maximum allowed, would have been breached, and the ship would have sank, and over one thousand people would have drowned, due to the insufficient lifeboats on board.

And so began the charmed life of the "Luckiest Ship in the World."New York Times Headline, April 18, 1912



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