Kingdom of Tondo
Kaharian ng Tondo
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Tondo, Northern Samar, Tablas, Masbate, Romblon.
(and largest city)
Legislature Union of Supreme Councils
 -   estimate 6,500,000 
Currency Piloncitos, gold, barter
Time zone UTC+8

Tondo is na nation in the OTL Philippine archipelago mainly centered in Southern Luzon, but possesses scattered island territories in Visayas, and portions of Cebu and Samar. It borders the Huangdom of Pangasinan to the North, and the Huangdom of Ma-I across the water to the south, both of which under varrying degrees of subservience to Tondo.

Its current ruler is Lakan Gambang I of the House of Tondo, Lord of the Tagalogs,  King of Tondo and Sovereign of Romblon and Tablas

His daughter, Diyang Kalangitan of the Houses Tondo and Ma, Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Tondo, Queen Regent and Queen Dowager of the Huangdom of Ma-I, Advisor to the Huang, and Lady in the Court of Ma-I and Sovereign of Masbate

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