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The Tondo Empire is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It is one of the region's largest economic and military powers, having control over the major sea lanes in the South China Sea. The state is headed by the Emperor ( currently Emperor Lakandula V ) whose authority is restricted by the Kawani, a political body with representatives from across the nation. The Kawal Maharlika is the empire's armed force, which boasts naval dominance in South China Sea and a widely-renowned active counter-intelligence and counter terrorism force. A predominantly Muslim nation, it faces tensions with its neighbours. 


In 1587, after nearly 70 years of Spanish rule, the Tagalog nobility of Tondo conspired against the Spaniards. Magat Salamat, the leader of the rebellion, kept mouths shut regarding the plans for the revolution. The plans were never revealed, and the Spanish were caught off guard from a simultaneous nationwide assault. The quick collapse of the Spanish forces led the King of Spain to give up all Spanish holdings in Las Islas Filipinas.

Shortly after the liberation of Las Islas Filipinas, Magat Salamat formed the Tondo Empire, declaring himself Magat I, Emperor of Tondo. The revolutionary leaders in the other parts of Las Islas Filipinas were outraged, and declared war on the Empire. However, Magat I's influence in Tondo's neighbouring states effectively won him the war.  In 1595, Magat I declared that all of the islands in the archipelago now belonged to the Tondo Empire. To settle the outcry of the populace, Magat I's successor, Magat II, called for the creation of the representative political body known as Kawani in 1650. A month later, he officially declared the empire's transition into a constitutional monarchy.

The empire saw industrial, economic, and social progress until the late 19th century. It's military power held back any foreign, especially European attempts of colonizing the islands. The Emperor made alliances with the United States, Japan, China, and all Southeast Asian neighbors. During the Great War, the Kawal Maharlika  offered espionage and intelligence services to the Allied powers, ending the war early. The Empire shared occupation rights of German holdings in the Pacific with Japan after the war. The Kawal Maharlika did the same thing in the 1930s, collaborating with Russian and American intelligence officers to create a stable Weimar republic in Germany. These resulted to the KM setting the standards for intelligence gathering and espionage for the following decades. The KM also helped the US in quelling Communist activities in Asia.

In 2008, Crown Prince Habagat was shot dead during a state visit in Brunei. The assassination burst the bubble of growing tensions between the Tondo Empire and Brunei. The Empire declared war on Brunei two months later.  The war ensued until late 2009, when the two countries agreed on the Empire annexing the northern parts of Brunei.


The Tondo Empire's Kawal Maharlika armed forces have among the most elite espionage and intelligence gathering units in the world. This expertise attracted attention from militaries around the world. The KM's naval assets are also one of the most advanced, able to patrol almost the entirety of the South China Sea. The KM troops' expertise in jungle warfare is also notable. The KM's Army wing is completely voluntary, however the Intelligence Corps and the Navy are composed of conscripts and drafted soldiers. The Intelligence Corps, especially, handpicks its soldiers through their qualifications.


After the Tondo Revolution, Christianity within the Empire declined, but did not disappear. The country now has similar quantity of followers of Christianity and Islam. Pagan beliefs are in the minority, though they have survived since the country's formation.

Culture and Traditions

The Tondoan people share a mindset of confidence, bravery, honesty, diligence, and loyalty. They are loyal to the Emperor, the Kawani, and each other. Traditions and practices of Islam and Paganism are also commonplace in the Empire. 

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