Xakxwetian Republic of Tongval
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Tongval (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Tongva
General Chingichn
Population 1,733,200 
Currency TGT

The Xakxwetian Republic of Tongval, Tongval, is a military dictatorship in southwest Leifia. Is is bordered by Chumashmark to the west, South Yokutland to the north and Mexica to the east. The capital is Puvungna and the population is around 1.7 million.

The head of state is General Chingichn.

The official language is Tongva.

The currency is the Tongval Tait (TGT).


The Tongva tribe were once part of a broad coalition of tribes situated between the Ohlone and the Xakxwet River (OTL Colorado River), beyond which Mexica exercised effective control. The Xakxwetian Confederation acted as an adjunct of the Patwin League (see Chinese Leifia) and often the latter's wars were driven by calls for assistance from Xakxwet.

Initially able to defeat the so-called flower armies sent by Mexica against it, the Xakxwetian forces slowly lost their superiority as Mexic forces increasingly relied on gunpowder weapons. A period of respite, as Mexica pursued the 1st Mexic-Leifian War in the early 1600s, were squandered as the various partners in the Confederation squabbled and attacked each other.

Eventually as Patwin power was slowly drained away during the First and Second wars of partition the cumulative effect of continued Mexico raids finally took its toll. Slowly but surely the tribes fell to conquest. It was only during the 2nd Mexic-Leifian War that Chinese Leifia finally came to spirited defense of what was left of the Xakxwet Confederation.

Taking advantage of the so-called Leifian Crisis in the early 1800s Mexica took control of the faltering Muttipi state in 1854 before Vinland sent its famous ultimatum. Tongval is essentially the last remnant of the Xakxwet Confederation and has occasionally claimed all of the confederation's old territory.

Proximity to Mexica, and the blanket guarantees given by Chinese Leifia and Vinland (and by association, the Kalmar Union) has allowed the military to take over Tongva society. It directly runs most industry and private enterprise is either illegal or greatly discouraged. This makes the generals considerably wealthy and has led to multiple coups in the last few decades. That politics have to some degree stabilised have made many diplomats uneasy and suspicious that Mexic money is propping up the current junta. Considerable oil reserves have been found in and around the capital making the rulers even wealthier as demand for oil continues to grow in Western Leifia.


The current general of the armed forces and therefore de facto head of state is General Chingichn. There are no free elections and government is run by a military junta.

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