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Country ISO Subdivision Number System Largest Smallest Most populous Least populous Most dense Least dense
Balleny Islands NZ-BL Municipality 15 Unitary Upland Sabrina Docks Midtown Upland Midtown Upland
Byrdia BY State 4 Unitary Zama Zama Zama
Bellinsgauzenia UO Governorate 8 Federal
Eduarda EU Province Federal
Kerguelen FR-KG Canton 4 Unitary Kerguelen Extérieur Îles Occidentales Port-aux-Francais Îles Occidentales Crozet Kerguelen Extérieur
Maudland NO-ML County 5 Unitary Kyst Region Kapital Distik
New Swabia NS District Unitary
New Vestfold AU-NV Local Government Area 3 Unitary Wilkes-Mawson Port Sunlight Port Sunlight Carsten Crevasse Port Sunlight Wilkes-Mawson
Ognia OG State 9 Federal
Ross and Scott NZ-RS Municipality Unitary
Santiago ST State 8 Unitary Pensacola San Martín Berkner Ubézice San Martín Pensacola
United Republic UR Republic 3 Federal
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