In a world where the Cold War didn't stay so cold. Civilization had a fallout, with most cities and towns destroyed, the world is left to rebuild. The humans managed to preserve Technology, so rebuilding will not be too hard. Though the main thing that is different, The world is now divided into Totalitarian Governments, More moderate ones, anarchic states, and uninhabited wastelands.

So basically what happened is on April 21st, 1963, The Soviet Union bombed a United States Ship with 20 missiles. Unites States struck back, and what followed was a global war that ended up destroying almost every town in the world. In the end, the U.S.A surrendered and dissolved handing over the West Coast to the Soviets. Various other western nations were forced into Communism. in the aftermath of the war, Humanity was not bombed back to the stone age, but had to rebuild. After about a year after the war ended, Communism began to spread throughout the world. With this, Fascist, Monarchist, and all kinds of government forms began to seize power. The world became divided into factions. The Communists, The Monarchs, The Fascists, The Democracies/Republics, and The Free States. The Free states are a group of various countries that are uniting together to stop Totalitarianism.

The Countries

The Communist Nations Continent Military Power GDP
Greater U.S.S.R Europe/Asia 1st 4,750,492,000,500
Continental S.S.R Europe 2nd 3,650,800,000,000
Totalitarian English Nation Europe 7th 913,202,984,824
Australian Socialist Worker's Frontier Oceania 6th 953,923,647,534
Mediterranean S.S.R Europe 4th 973,792,341,100
Communist State of Turkoslavia Europe/Asia Minor 3rd 1,000,000,000,002
Scandinavian People's Republic Europe 8th 990,571,400,000
Congolese Worker's Republic Africa 9th 800,750,114,102
Greater Gambian Commune Africa 14th 231,464,014,195
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Asia 5th 885,910,000,000
S.E.A.S.U Asia 15th 2,700,500,000
Kampuchea Asia 11th 2,349,121,910
Communist Republic of Albania Europe 12th 200,555,565,865
Peruvian Neo-Bolshevik State South America 13th 85,472,488,540
Pacific Communist Republic of America North America 10th 762,000,000,000
Bolshevik Republic of Alaska North America 17th 9,056,000,914
Hawaiian Commune North America 18th 15,000,000
Transnistrian S.S.R Europe 16th 1,230,000,000
The Fascist Nations Continent Military Power GDP
National Republic of China Asia 1st 4,762,447,028,942
Persian Empire Asia Minor 2nd 2,500,000,000,087
Himalayan Unitary State Asia 6th 992,921,112,193
Greater Brazil South America 3rd 1,000,000,170,244
Gran Colombia South America 10th 210,572,865,658
New Mexican Empire Central America 8th 542,846,594,957
Legionary Romania Europe 9th 721,837,847,991
Francoist Iberian State Europe 5th 900,720,200,115
National Austrian Empire Europe 4th 988,148,866,730
Free Fascist State of Iceland Europe 14th 7,019,284,921
Malta Independent State Europe 13th 2,150,846,020
Greater Zambian Empire Africa 11th 724,918,192,992
Angolan Empire Africa 12th 692,810,000,000
Texan Empire North America 7th 562,946,964,184
The Democracies/Republics Continent Military Power GDP
American Northern Union North America 1st 2,648,075,056,567
Lincoln Republic North America 6th 782,656,859,564
Great Lakes Republic North America 8th 912,475,459,854
Cascadia North America 13th 800,470,814,913
Confederate States of America North America 3rd 763,859,223,001
Canadian Republic North America 2nd 1,454,565,757,900
Caribbean Federation Americas 11th 610,950,500,000
Progressive Republic of Denmark Europe 7th 901,847,575,379
Conservative Burmese Republic Asia 4th 874,575,000,900
Republic of Chile South America 10th 684,575,575,210
Siberian Libertarian Republic Europe/Asia 12th 401,585,058,596
Republic of South Africa Africa 5th 1,000,290,947,210
Republic of Kenya Africa 9th 321,485,000,000
The Monarchies Continent Military Power GDP
Japanese Imperial Monarchy Asia 1st 2,465,734,567,847
Kingdom of Oceania Oceania 4th 904,575,956,501
Kingdom of Montana North America 2nd 800,465,856,494
Monarchy of Botswana Africa 3rd 565,853,693,739
Surinamese Kingdom South America 5th 846,554,375,645
The Free Nations Continent Military Power GDP
Chetnik Serbia Europe 1st unknown
Independent Croatian Republic Europe 7th unknown
Free Irish Democracy Europe 9th unknown
Free Republic of Abkhazia Europe/Asia 10th unknown
Free India Asia 2nd unknown
Free Indonesia Asia 6th unknown
United African Freedom Front Africa 3rd unknown
Free Arabic League Asia Minor 5th unknown
Freedom Fighters of Indochina Asia 4th unknown
Free Argentine Republic South America 8th unknown
Free Madagascar Africa 11th unknown
Other Continent Military Power GDP
Second Afghan Caliphate Asia 1st 783,648,465,951
Greenlandic Wasteland Greenland 2nd N/A
Uninhabitable Zone All over world N/A N/A
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