Alternative History
Official languages Arabic, Hebrew
Capital Amman
Largest City Amman
Population 2,392,000
HDI 0.817 (High)
Establishment of Republic 1811
Currency Transjordanian dinar (TJD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Jordan, some of northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Transjordan is a multicultural republic in Southwestern Asia, just to the east of Israel.


Transjordan has a similar history with Israel. In the 12th century, Jews from other regions started moving into the area. By 1800, the area that is now Transjordan was perhaps 25% Jewish. However, the Arabs of the area were wary of being incorporated into the more populous Israel. Thus, in the agreement of 1811, Transjordan was delineated and became a democracy at the same time the modern republic of Israel was formed. Transjordan has not always known democracy, as it had several coups, with the latest democratic government resuming in 1946.



62% Muslim
32% Sunni
27% Ijtihadi
03% Shi'ite
17% Jewish
10% Christian
09% nonreligious
06% agnostic
03% atheist
02% others

Ethnic Groups

70% Arab
19% Hebrew
07% Assyrian
04% others


76% Arabic
14% Hebrew
03% Syriac
07% others

Note: English is widely spoken as a second language.


Israel has one of the largest vegetarian populations in the Middle East.

56% Non-Vegetarian
44% Vegetarian