Alternative History
Republic of Transylvania
Timeline: British Louisiana
(and largest city)
Language English
President Hillary Rodham
Independence from Britain
  declared 1814
Currency Transylvanian Dollar

Transylvania includes, more or less, OTL Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.


Transylvania remained loyal to the British Empire during the American Revolution. After the war, US settlers continued to settle it.

In 1812, a war was triggered between the United Kingdom and the United States over control of Transylvania. As a settlement, the independence of Transylvania was granted in 1814, as a joint protectorate of the USA and the UK.

In 1824, Transylvania fought a war against Spain to get access to the Gulf of Mexico; as a result, Transylvania was occupied for six months by Spain, until pressure by both the UK and the USA re-established the Independent Republic of Transylvania.

Transylvania was the last state in the Americas to abolish slavery. However, since the 1890's, slave based economy had been declining, due to the difficulty of replacing slave labor (since 1875, re-enslavement of free negroes had been banned). In 1935, a law was passed declaring as free citizens the last eight slaves.


This landlocked country lies in southeastern North America, between the Appalachian mountains in the east and the Mississippi River in the west, and between the Ohio River in the North and the 31st parallel in the South.


North: United States of America. West: Louisiana. South: Florida. East: United States of America

Political Divisions

Transylvania is a unitary republic, divided into districts.

Some of the districts include:

  1. Boonesborough
  2. Kentucky
  3. Montgomery
  4. Nashborogh