Alternative History

Page used for listing all treaties and important documents between nations.


Treaty of Corboda

Treaty between the United Republics and several South American states.

Treaty of Dubai

Treaty which ended hostilities between the EHU and Turkey during the Middle East War.

Treaty of Albuquerque

Treaty between Texas and the New Mexican city states.

Treaty of Sacramento

Treaty of Syracuse

Treaty between the Venice Coalition, Operation Nero Participants, and the remains of the Kingdom of Italy

Treaty of Salzburg

Treaty between the Holy Roman Empire and Scandinavia, ending the Holy Roman War.

Treaty of Canberra

Potential Treaty between CSTO and ULoN forces to end the Canadian War

Treaty of Libson 1995

Treaty between Portugal, Granada, the remainder of Spain. Created the Iberian Community.

Treaty of Cordoba 1996

Potential treaty between United Republics, Gran Colombia, Brazil, and other nations of South America.

Treaty of Bangkok

Treaty ending the war between Vietnam and Wu.

Treaty of Miami

Treaty ending the war between the UR and Florida and to temporarily half all attempts at using z virus attacks.

Treaty of Paris 1998

Treaty resulting in the dissolving of France

Treaty of Barcelona 

Potential Treaty to halt war between Lyon and Switzerland. Canceled due to change in regime of the Alpine Confederation.

Second Treaty of Barcelona

Treaty between Lyon, Socialist Switzerland, Alpine Confederation.

Treaty of Miami 2000

Treaty between Cuba and the United Republics

Treaty of Taipei

Treaty between belligerents of the Second Chinese Civil War (Korea, Korean Chinese Confederacy/Wu, Republic of China, People's Republic of China, and other Chinese Factions

Treaty of Hong Kong

Treaty between belligerents of the Second Chinese Civil War ( Korea, Korean Chinese Confederacy, Iberia, and the United Mediterr., and the United Republics). Follow up agreement to the Treaty of Taipei.

Compact of Association Antarctic Cities and United Republics

Potential Treaty and Definition of Association increasing autonomy for some Antarctic Cities.

Treaty of Bamako

Potential Treaty finally ending the WAF and its war against various states. Could result in many states in West Africa being recognized as independent.

Treaty of San Jose

Potential Treaty officially ending the Californian War and removing the Communist Government.

Treaty of Valencia

Treaty officially the war on Northern Italy. Awaiting Italy's Signature.

Treaty of Culiacán

Treaty between Chan Santa Cruz, the Mexican communities, and the states of the American southwest as to the division of northern Mexico, and the creation of an official border.

The Angolan Accords

Series of peace talks between South Africa and the United States, and the other belligerents of the African War.

Treaty of Athens

Peace treaty ending the Balkans Crisis and officially splitting up the failing Balkan Alliance.


Pact of Diamond