The Treaty of Aalst was a treaty made to end the Flemish-Lotharri war, which is know as the Aalst war treaty - which was a war due to the dispute surrounding the autonomy of Aalst and the status of Flemish Zeeland and lasted from 1308 until 1311. Duke John II of Brabant-Lotharingia having a hard time but always able to push back the Flemish. John II of Brabant-Lotharingia offering Robrecht III of Flanders this treaty as more war would only drain both nations.

Terms of the treaty

  • The county of Flanders will return the land of "Zeeuws Vlaanderen" to the County of Zeeland.
  • The Duchy of Brabant and the Lotharingian Realm will end the blockade of Flemish ports.
  • Flanders will recognise that the land of Aalst is from the signing of this treaty a vassal state of Brabant and the Lotharingian Dynasty.
  • There will be a truce and a promise of no aggression for 13 years after the signing of the treaty.


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