The Treaty of Agra was an agreement between the Abbasid Caliphate and the Delhi Raj to end the war in Bengal. The Delhi Raj, in its goal to re-establish the glory of the Mauryan Empire, expanded into the Bengal Sultanate, which was allied with the Abbasids. The Abbasids sent support for Bengal, causing the war to reach a stalemate and forcing an agreement. The treaty was ratified in the city of Agra in the Raj on July 14, 1563 [O.S.].

Terms of the Treaty

Abbasid proposal

  • Ahom region is annexed to the Delhi Raj
  • The Bihar-Koch Emirate becomes a vassal of the Delhi Raj with a Muslim local administration
  • Pegu and Ava remain controlled by Bengal
  • The Delhi Raj and Bengal have a 20-year NAP

Delhi proposal (according to this map)

  • The Ahom region is annexed.
  • The Kingdom of Koch Bihar (consisting of Koch and Chuttiya) is created. It will be a Hindu Kingdom because the Ahoms were Hindus and there are not a lot of Muslims there.
  • Pegu becomes a vassal of the Delhi Raj as the Taungoo dynasty.
  • Bengal home territory, Arakan and Ava remain under Bengal.
  • The Delhi Raj and Bengal have a 20 year Non-Aggression pact.

Abbasid compromise

  • Pegu will become a vassal of the Delhi Raj
  • No restrictions or prejudice against Muslims already in Pegu
  • Chuttiya is kept by Bengal
  • Delhi won't be involved in wars in South Asia for the duration of the NAP


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