Treaty proposed in 1368 to resolve the war in Bohemia and Austria, to be signed in the neutral location of Augsburg.

Coalition terms

  • The five nations of the coalition (Bavaria, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland-Lithuania, Swiss Confederacy) will withdraw their troops from the territory of Austria.

Austria terms

  • The Habsburg dynasty of Austria will relinquish their claims to the thrones of Bohemia and Poland.
  • The Habsburg dynasty of Austria will renounce their claims to any and all vassals west of their core nation (e.g., Kyburg, Thurgau, other Habsburg possessions in Swabia), making these vassals independent lordships.

General terms

  • A non-aggression agreement will be agreed upon between the nations of the coalition and Austria for a duration of 20 years.
  • Wenceslaus IV is recognised by all parties as the King of Bohemia.


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