The Treaty of Aurillac was signed in 1423 between the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of Scotland, the Kingdom of Lotharingia, and the Duchy of Burgundy.


  • Hostilities will end between France, Lotharingia and the Scottish-Burgundian coalition
    • They will be bound by a truce for 15 years
  • Burgundy will renounce all claims to the throne of France
  • Mâcon will be restored to Burgundian rule
  • Albi will be restored to French rule
  • Nobles who supported the Burgundian cause will be pardoned
  • The Scottish nobility will not suffer the loss of their continental holdings/property by forceful means
    • The occupation of Scottish Auvergne is to be lifted
  • Burgundy will sell the counties of Artois and Flanders to the Rex Lotharri and the Senatus Regus Lotharri, for the price of:
    • 100,000 Carolus Pounds, to be paid over the course of 15 years
    • One African slave called Robert
    • 200lb of African curry
    • The naval blockade of Burgundine ports being ended, and Vlootleen and Scheepbouw laws being extended to all Burgundians who desire it


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