The Treaty of Batman was an agreement made to re-establish order in the Middle East after the Abbasid Caliphate and Ottoman Empire, also known as the Dynamic Duo destroyed the Gurkani Sultanate in the Second Arab-Persian War, also known as the Cloaked Jihad or, in corrupted translations, as the Caped Crusade. It was signed between representatives of various Muslim nations in the city of Batman, in the eastern Ottoman Empire.

NOTE: You do not have to be involved with the war to sign this treaty. Anyone who signs the treaty is merely affirming they agree with the changes in the treaty.

Terms of the Treaty

Territorial Changes

  • BatmanTreaty

    Division of the Persian Empire: Ottomans (1), Abbasids (2), Tseng Khan (3), Russia (4), Georgria (5) and Gurkani (6)


    Revised borders

    All territory north and east of the Ottoman Empire as far as the Caspian Sea, including the Caucasus mountians, Kurdish lands, Trebizond, Crimea, and the Black Sea, is all annexed by the Ottoman Empire. (1)
  • Everything south of the new Ottoman border, including Hatay, Syria, Mesopotamia, the Persian Gulf, and the Zaragos Mountains as far as and including Tabriz, is all annexed by the Abbasid Caliphate (2)
  • The Turkman and Baluchi parts of Persia in the east is annexed by Tseung Khan (3)
  • The north caucasus region and part of the Black Sea will be ceded to Russia (4)
  • The Kingdom of Georgia is made an independent state vassalized by Russia (5)
  • The remainder of Iran is retained by the remaining Gurkani Sultanate

Political Changes

  • All signatories of this treaty will enter into a 10-year non aggression pact
  • The Persian vassal of Trebizond will be annexed by the Ottoman Empire
  • The Arab territory will be administrated by two viceroys, one in Mosul and one in Basra
  • The remaining Gurkani Sultanate, or colloquially, the Persian Sultanate, shall enter into dynastic union with a branch of the house of Abbas, and accept a viceroy appointed by the Ottoman Empire. 
  • The Kingdom of Georgia will remain vassalized to Russia, but at peace with the other signatories

Economic Changes

  • PersianFinances

    Division of the total revenue from the Persian Empire

    42% of all revenue from the Persian Empire will be siezed by the Abbasid Caliphate, while 82% will be given to the Ottoman Empire, and 5% to Russia
  • 15% of all revenue will be given on loan to the new Sulanate of Al-Fars, with the Abbasids and Ottomans as beneficiaries of this loan, to help stabalize their new nation.
  • 10% of all revenue will be invested into an account known as the African Fund, controlled by the Caliphate
  • The Compact of Iskanderun will be transferred to the Compact of Beyrut
  • All kinds of slavary of Turkish people will be abolished in the nations signing this treaty

Logistical Changes

  • The military of the Gurkani Sultanate and Trebizond within the occupied territories will be dissolved. 
  • The military hardware and artillery of Persia will be taken by the Abbasid Caliphate
  • A provincial military will be on loan to the Sultanate of Al-Fars from the Abbasids and the Ottomans, until such time as it can raise a military on its own.
  • The navies of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea will be given to the Ottoman Empire
  • The navies of the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf will be given to the Abbasid Caliphate
  • All the books in the Library of Esfahan will be removed and placed in the Library of Baghdad

Religious Changes

  • All signatories of this treaty will recognize Caliph Al-Najm II as the true successor to the Prophet. 
  • The Zayyidi branch of Shia Islam will be denounced as Rejectors of the Faith
  • The false Caliph of Zayyidis will be sent back to the Bedouins of Yemen unmolested
  • All signatories of this treaty will accept the ecclesiastical reforms of Caliph Al-Mu'tadid, namely: a system of Kazirs (like bishops) and Ayatollahs (like archbishops) to administer over the faith of individual communities, appointed by local authorities but report back to the Ulema and the Caliph.
  • Christian and Jewish communities in Persia will be tolerated under the Jizya tax, and freely visit the Church of the Sepulchre in Jerusalem
  • Orthodox Communities in the region will acknowledge the Patriarch of Moscow as the primate of the Orthodox Church
  • The Christians of the Georgian Orthodox Church may freely return to the independent Kingdom of Georgia


Again, anyone who agrees with these terms can sign the treaty, regardless if you were involved in the war:


Trebizond isn't a vassal, it's been independent for like forty years. I am that guy (talk) 16:08, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

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