New Balkans

The Balkans after the war.

The Treaty of Belgrade was drafted in 1441, and then again in 1443 to end the War of Balkan Liberation which began in 1440 with the invasion of the Ottoman Empire by the Kingdom of Bohemia. The Bohemians managed to capture Serbia and parts of Greece, before their first wave was destroyed by a large Ottoman force. The Bohemian's re-invaded with the larger half of their army, retaking Serbia. The Neapolitan and Polish armies invaded in 1442, where the Neapolitan army seized Epirus.


Terms are non-negotiable.

  • Ottomans:
    • The Ottoman Empire will release the Kingdom of Serbia as a vassal of the nation of Hungary.
    • The Ottoman Empire will release the Kingdom of Greece as an independent state.
      • The peninsula of Morea, however, shall be released as the Duchy of Morea as a vassal of the nation of Naples.
    • The Ottoman Empire will release the Kingdom of Wallachia as a vassal of the nation of Poland.
    • The Ottoman Empire will release Epirus as a vassal of the nation of Naples.
    • The Ottoman Empire will release the Kingdom of Bulgaria as an independent state.
    • The Ottoman Empire will not attempt to expand into Europe any longer.
    • The Ottoman Empire will sign a non-aggression pact with all involved lasting 50 years.
    • MOD: Ottomans should have some land connection to Bulgaria.
  • Crusader Terms:
    • All Muslims within the ceded regions of this treaty shall be forcefully converted back to Christianity. However, if this is refused, they shall be exiled back to Anatolia.
      • However, if they are Turkish/Arabian, they shall be immediately exiled back to Anatolia.
    • The newly released nations apart of this treaty shall form the Pact of Belgrade, in where all the nations released shall be obligated to come to aid in defensive wars with each other. The nations shall additionally all be allied to each other.
      • Bohemia/Hungary, Naples, and Poland/Lithuania will be apart of this pact, but are not required to join in any wars unless the existence of a nation in the Pact of Belgrade that was formed here is at risk.
        • Further, Bohemia/Hungary, Naples, and Poland/Lithuania shall not be defensively allied to each other outside of the Balkans, unless they ally outside of the Pact.
    • Greece shall be in a defensive alliance with Bohemia and Naples.


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