Treaty of Bratislava
Type of treaty Peace Treaty
Drafted 15 October 1666
12 March 1667
Effective March 19 1667
Signatories Czar Juraj II Nelipić
Polish ruler
King Vladimir Kliment
Pskovian ruler
Languages Croatian, Polish, Czech, Old Pskovian Dialect

The Treaty of Bratislava ended both the War for White Croatia and the Miserable War of Bohemia against Poland. It also ended the Czardom as a political entity.


The Kingdom of Bohemia, Czardom of Croatia, Knezdom of White Croatia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Grand Principality of Pskov, henceforth known in this treaty as Bohemia, Croatia, White Croatia, Poland-Lithuania and Pskov respectively will be involved in this treaty.


  1. Poland-Lithuania shall be divided by the Czardom of Croatia in the following manner: South Poland shall be annexed into White Croatia which shall become the Banate of White Croatia ('Bijelohrvatski Banat), the rest of Poland shall become Banate of Poland (Kraljevina Poljska) while Lithuania shall become either a part of Pskov or a independent and sovereign nation depending on whether the Pskovian ruler signs before 1667 (00:00 UTC 27 October 2014)
  2. All Croatian newly acquired possessions will be grouped into a supranational organization: The Grand Croatian Bajanate (Veliki Hrvatski Bajanat) with Croatia being brought down to the status of a Banate. Croatia and White Croatia shall be united through the Bajans headpiece which will for the time being be the Croatian crown, while the Knezdom of Carantania will stay a vassal of Croatia as the Podbanate of Carantania and the Banate of Poland will have partial autonomy through its own Ban, however a Podban shall be chosen by the Bajan who will have the power to veto the Polish Ban's decisions. Dahomey will become a Podbanate. The title "Slavic Bajan" will be elective, the first being former Czar Juraj I Nelipić. However, only members of the 12 original families can be elected as Bajans.
  3. All undersigned will recognize the Pskovian, Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian enlargements as indicated on the map and recognize these as the new borders, and recognize the Republic of Lithuania as the legitimate successor state to the Republic of Lithuania Minor (the annexation of Polish territory)
  4. The Bajanate will recognize the creation of the Grand Principality of Belorussia and its borders as indicated on the map, as will all nations undersigned.
  5. This treaty will act as a 20-year Non-aggression pact between the United Republic of Prussia and Danzig, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, the Federal Republic of Eesti, the Republic of Pskov, and Republic and Grand Principality of Belorussia with the Slavic Bajanate. The Bajanate Will also be allowed to use ports to temporarily station its fleets in the Baltic as long as it does not disrupt trade (i.e. blockades are a no-no).
  6. The United Republic will give the Bajanate administrative control of West Danzig for 100 years(to be renewed in 1766) in order to better administer the basing of fleets and trade with more efficiency. The territory will remain a de jure territory of the United Republic and its citizens will retain the rights to vote in United Republic Elections. The Croats will have, however, final decision in the implementation and enforcement of laws and treaties (de facto control, can chose to ignore the UR parliament), and may set up a separate parliament if they wish to help them administer the region.
    1. (SECRET: This will allow the Croatians to use a loophole in the treaty of Königsberg giving "all nations in the Baltic affected"(or something along those lines free trade. This same loophole is used by France because of its ownership of the Free city of Danzig.)
  7. Bohemia will pay reparations for the damage done for the next 20 years during which it will also be forced by an NAP to be peaceful to the Slavic Bajanate. 



  • Croatian ruler: His High Excellency, Bajan Juraj I. Nelipić, Bajan of the Grand Croatian Bajanate, Ban of the Croatian Banate, Ban of the White Croatian Banate, Lord of the Eastern Adriatic. SkyGreen24(Party,quotes) 12:26, October 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • Bohemian ruler: Vladimir Kliment - Scarlet Outlaw
  • Prussia PM3 COA.svg Coat of Arms of Lithuania.svg Coat of Arms of Latvia.svg Coat of arms of Estonia.svg Pskovgfull.svg Her Grand Princely Grace, Elena Mikhailovna Kondratieva, By the Will of People and Veche Velikaya Knyaginya of Pskov, Livonia, and Prussia -Lx (leave me a message)Azarath Flag.png 23:01, October 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • Polish ruler:

Note: This treaty is time sensitive, if a signature isn't put before 00:00 UTC 27 October 2014 the players and their respective nations will be considered to have agreed with the terms stated.

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