Treaty of Damietta
Type of treaty Peace treaty
Drafted November 1734
March 1735
Damietta, Ethiopia
Sealed TBD
Effective TBD
Expiration N/A
Signatories Italian League


S Cyprus(PM4) Cyprus

Ratifiers N/A
Languages Italian

The Treaty of Damietta was a peace treaty signed by Carlo Bonaparte and Jalil of Cyprus in 1735. It ended hostilities between the Sultanate of Cyprus and the Italian League, and imposed harsh reparations on the former.


Cyprus had supported rebel factions within the Italian League during the period of Italian civil war and unrest between 1727 and 1734. In 1733, a Cypriot fleet under command of Admiral Mufeed el-Galla bombarded the city of Venice, and later attempted to capture the city, but was repelled by Venetian forces. The Italian League invaded Cyprus in retaliation in 1734, forcing them to enter negotiations.


Negotiations were held in neutral Damietta, Egypt (part of the Ethiopian Empire). Due to Sultan Jalil's absence during the early part of negotiations, pressure by the Italian League, and the Cypriot representatives' failure to induce significant changes to the original draft, the final terms of the treaty were almost exclusively in favor of the Italian League. Representatives of Belka were also present at the negotiations.

Terms of the treaty

  • The state of war existing between the Sultanate of Cyprus and the Italian League shall immediately cease, and all hostilities between the two nations will end.
  • A large portion of the wartime navy of the Sultanate of Cyprus shall be transferred to the Italian League, double that of the ships lost or damaged or otherwise engaged because of Cyprus' actions, and the Sultanate of Cyprus shall limit the number of warships in its possession to no more than fifty at any given time for the next fifty years. (This provision serves the purpose of creating a deterrent to unprovoked raids against European nations in the future.)
  • The Sultanate of Cyprus shall allow for Christian, Greek, or Italian citizens within its borders to renounce their citizenship and emigrate to the Italian League, at the expense of the Sultanate of Cyprus, for the next twenty years.
  • The former Sultan and its government shall be responsible in paying a large sum as reparation for the damages caused against the city of Venice, and the Italian League as a whole, and shall also transfer a portion of its trade power and income to the Italian League for the next fifty years.
  • The Sultanate of Cyprus shall allow merchants from the Italian league unmitigated and preferential treatment in matters of trade within its borders, trade routes, and areas of influence, and shall tolerate the construction of Italian trade posts and other investments made by private Italian citizens, making no effort to weaken, damage, or otherwise prevent these happenings.
  • During times of war the Sultanate of Cyprus shall grant the Italian League unmitigated military access if Cyprus should be convenient for the Italian League's war efforts, and grant fleet basing rights for its military for the next forty years, at minimum.
  • Both sides shall agree to a non aggression pact lasting forty years.


  • Italian League (Represented by) - Gatthias (talk) 00:48, July 18, 2017 (UTC)
    • Carlo Bonaparte, First Consul of the Italians and Commander-in-Chief of the Invasion Force
    • Matteo Forlani. Second Consul of the Italians
    • Pietro Pella, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Sultanate of Cyprus - Jalil ibn Sabaah abn al-Aziz (mod sig)
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