Alternative History

The following treaty was signed to end the North African War of 1407 that lasted until 1408. The treaty was signed in the City of Granada, located in Southern Spain.

Treaty:Castilian First Proposal

Article I:Terms for Peace

  1. A State of peace will exist between the Christian powers and Muslim powers involved in this war.
  2. Neither Party will be asked to accept war guilt.
  3. A non-aggression pact lasting no shorter than 15 years but no longer than 30 years, will exist between all nations involved in the war.

Article II: Territorial Concessions

  1. The recently conquered territory of Morocco will be ceded to the Crown of Castile.]
  2. The Crown of Aragon shall be granted Tlemcen from the former Hasfid Territory.
  3. Genoa shall be granted a small piece of the Hasfid coastline in order to secure trade routes against piracy and fore[gn powers.
  4. Castile, Aragon and Genoa shall henceforth recognize these new borders as legitimate, and will not make any further attempts to infringe upon the territory of Tunis
    PMIV North Africa War 1407.png

Article III:Military Concessions

  1. Tunis will cease state sponsored piracy against Genovese sailors.
  2. Castile, Aragon and Genoa will withdraw their military forces from Tunis.
  3. Tunis will withdraw its military from Morocco