Alternative History

The Treaty of Havana was the treaty that ended the Southern War of Independence. The US was forced to give more land to the CSA and the US would suffer the consequences for years to come but was also do damage to the CSA as well. The treaty gave the CS independence but it also changed history forever.

Initial Demands[]

Confederate Demands[]

The Confederates wanted all the border states, Washington DC, and the territories of Indian Territory and New Mexico Territory. They demanded the Union pay them for the damages they caused to the CS economy along with any damage that occurred while fighting to farms, cities,and other things. They also wanted the Union to stay out of its affairs and demanded that the Union allow them to use US currency until they develop their own CS currency.

Union Demands[]

The Union only asked that the CS stayed within current borders and that the CS doesn't intervene in any Union affairs or try to get other states to leave the Union.

British and French Demands[]

The British and French demand that the United States repeals the Monroe Doctrine and to stay out of European affairs and anything they might do anywhere in the world. The British and French don't demand but want the CSA, their ally, to abolish slavery. They are willing to compromise.

The Compromise[]

As the demands began to conflict a compromise had to be reached or the war might return and more blood might be shed on American soil. The CS agreed to giving up slavery but on a timeline, Britain and France allowed it. The CS immediately signs into law that all owners will be payed 3500 Confederate dollars for each slave. All slaves will be freed by 1882 but they will have little rights as a harsh Apartheid system will be put into law. The Union agrees to the currency problem but will no longer issue it as part of their currency except for a couple dollar bills like the 100 with Franklin or one with Washington. The US reluctantly agreed to the British and French demands over international affairs except when the US is threatened or attacked by another European nation. The CS demands over affairs is also agreed to in the same way as above.