After the crushing defeat of Uzbeg Khan beneath the walls of Lviv, a peace needs to come in order to restore peace and balance to the Rus'.

Tverian-Novgorodian-Teuton Alliance terms

  • All the Rus' is free of the yoke of tribute from the Mongols.
  • The Prince of Tver hereditarily becomes the Grand Prince of Kiev, and Kiev is reinstated in the lands of the Principality of Pereyaslavl.
  • Due to old blood claims, the Prince of Yaroslavl becomes the new Prince of Smolensk.
  • As a reward for loyalty, the Prince of Rostov becomes the new Prince of Chernigov.
  • The Principality of Ryazan, long having claims to the Principality of Murom gains all but a small part bordering the Principality of Moscow, which is given to Tver instead.
  • The old lands of the Nogai, bar a few lands as specified below, shall be given to the Principalities of Kiev and Chernigov, divided along the border.
  • Novgorodian and Pskovian traders shall have extended rights to trade along the Northern Silk Road. 
  • The Teutonic Order is repaid by Novgorod with ten ships for their naval protection. 
  • Captives are to be returned to their country.

Bohemian-Polish-Lithuanian Alliance terms

  • The Polish get their territory back from the Mongol raids, as well as a couple of lands from the Kingdom of Ruthenia as a reward for their protection. 
  • A recompense of 100 tons of gold is demanded for Poland.
  • The Principality of Polotsk is accepted as part of Lithuania by the Rus'.
  • Captives are to be returned to their country. 

Hungary terms

  • All Nogai lands up to the river Dniester (OTL Principality of Moldavia) shall be given to the Kingdom of Hungary.
  • Captives are to be returned to their country.

Succession of Ruthenia

  • Ruthenia's new ruler shall be a neutral prince from Greece, and we invite Michael Komnenos, brother of the Emperor of Trebizond, to be its ruler. 
  • He shall marry a local boyar. 
  • Ruthenia shall accept trade freely from Hungary, Bohemia-Poland and the Rus'. 
  • Ruthenia shall host troops from the above-mentioned countries as a protection from outside invaders. 




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