The Treaty of Marseilles was signed by the French government (along with a Russian and Serbian ambassador) and the German military in Marseilles following the capture of Paris by the Kaiser's forces. It concluded the Great War. The treaty includes the following: (Note that this will only include the loss of territory.)


Belgium split

Red indicates newly gained parts of the Netherlands, gray indicates German gains in Belgium and France.

Belgium will no longer function as an independent nation. All areas east of the Schelde River and north of Leuven is given to the Netherlands. The rest comes under control of the German Empire. The border between France and the old Belgium is to be demilitarized. The Belgian Congo will come under German control.


Morocco will hold a plebiscite to determine if she will gain independence or become a German colony.

  1. 1. German Empire- Ardennes, French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa.
  2. 2. Italy- Corsica.
  3. 3. United Kingdom- Tunisia, Algeria.

France must pay war reparations of 226 golden Reichsmarks within fifteen years.


The following nations will be formed are recognized by signing this treaty:

  1. 1. Kingdom of Poland- composed of all land belonging to Congress/Russian Poland.
  2. 2. Kingdom of Finland- composed of all of the Grand Duchy of Finland.
  3. 3. Ukrainian National Republic- composed out of the entire Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.
  4. 4. United Baltic Duchy- composed of Medieval Livonia.
  5. 5. Belarusian National Republic- composed of Mogilev guberniya, Minsk, Hrodna, Vilnius, Vitebsk, and Smolensk.

The Russian Empire receives full blame for the War.


Serbia will no longer operate as a state and is absorbed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Serbian officer sees no choice. A coalition of forces from Italy, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Turkey, and Bulgaria would totally annihilate his country if no peace were made.

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