Treaty of Mons
Treaty of Mons serounding the dynastic dispute of Holland and Zeeland
Type of treaty Dynastic Treaty
Drafted February 9th 1304
February 23rd 1304
Sealed -
Effective February 23rd 1304
Expiration -
Signatories Flag of LorraineJohn II of Brabant
Flag of Hainaut William Avesness
Parties Flag of LorraineDuchy of Brabant
Flag of Hainaut County of Hainaut
Language Lotharingian , Latin

The Treaty of Mons was a treaty that is based on settling the Dynastic dispute between John II of Brabant and his realm and Count William of Avesnes and his Hainaut realm. This was signed after the Hollandic war of succesion where The duchy of Brabant and Limbourg with some of Hollandic nobility fought against The county of Hainaut and Hollanders suporting Guy Avesnes.

With the war making clear that the Brabantine claim was stronger by force, even if John II could not take the capital of Mons. Morale dropped in Hainaut after the Death of Count Guy Avesness.


  • William of Avens and the County of Hainaut will renounce their claim to the throne of Holland and Zeeland.
  • Brabant and Duke John II will accept Hainaut independence , and sovreignity.
  • The County of Hainaut will pay a Tribute of 10% of their income to Brabant for keeping their independence.
  • The county of Hainaut and their count will Recognise the house of Brabant's claim to the tittle Dukes of Lotharingia.
  • Brabant and their Realm will promise to not meddle in any internal politics of the Hainaut county.
  • Duchy of Brabant will promise not to raise Import or Export taxes on Hainaut for 21 years


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