Alternative History


The following parties have been invited to this conference.

The Republic of Argentina

The Empire of Brazil

The Republic of Uruguay

Provisional Government of Paraguay


Article I: On Peace

  1. Hostilities between the Triple Alliance and the Government of Paraguay will end. 

Article II: Boundaries

  1. Argentina will abandon its claims in Brazil in the trans-Missiones region in the State of Santa Catarina.
  2. Brazil will afirm Argentina's Claim on the Chacos Region.
  3. Brazil and Argentina will annex the defunct state of Paraguay along the 26th Parallel. (Roughly from Villa Oliva to Ñacunday)
  4. Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil will maintain their respective territories after the signing of this treaty and shall not claim land claimed by one another. 

Article III: Future Relationships

  1. A permenant friendly relationship shall be established between all three nations.
    1. The parties will compromise to cooperate economically and politically.
  2. Brazil and Argentina will maintain a joint military presence in Paraguay to prevent violence. 
  3. The navigation of the Platine region shall be totally guaranteed as free of cost for 60 Years 


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