The Treaty of Murcia was a treaty signed in Murica, Castile in order to provide commercial cooperation between Genoa and Castile.


  1. The Republic of Genoa shall yearly lend 15 of the most technologically advanced ships to the Kingdom of Castile for trade purposes.
  2. The ships shall be built for trading
  3. The ships shall be sailed by a Castilian crew but will be commanded by Genovese officers.
  4. They will fly the Castilian flag and participate under Castilian trade laws.
  5. The profits will be split 70/30 between the King of Castile and the Bank of St. George.
  6. The ships will serve primarily a peace function and not fight unless fired upon first.
  7. The ships will be maintained by the Castilian government while on the trade routes.
  8. This treaty shall apply for a total of 20 years unless renewed.


  • Marco Visconti, Doge of Genoa: 
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