Treaty of Padua (Principia Moderni IV Map Game)

Treaty of Padua
Treaty of the Peace of Padua
Type of treaty Peace Treaty
Sealed 1405
Conquest of Venice
Ratifiers Naples, Genoa, Ottoman Empire, Milan, Knights of St. John
Depositary Papal State
Language Latin

The Treaty of Padua was a peace treaty ending the Venetian War of 1403-1404. It was signed and ratified in 1405 by the victorious parties of the Venetian War.


  1. The Most Serene Republic of Venice shall be declared non-existent. Its territories shall be divided as laid out in terms 2 to 6.
  2. The Kingdom of Naples shall receive possession of the erstwhile-Venetian Ionian Islands, Corfu, and Durazzo.
  3. The Most Serene Republic of Genoa shall receive possession of the southern half of the isle of Euboea.
  4. The Ottoman Empire shall receive possession of the northern half of the isle of Euboea.
  5. The Duchy of Milan shall receive possession of the DogadoDomini di Teraferma and Istria.
  6. The Knights of St. John shall receive the isles of Candia and Karpathos.
  7. A state of non-aggression shall exists between all signatories of this treaty for a period of no fewer than five years.


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