The Treaty of Pamplona was drawn up by representatives of France and Hispania in 1374, to make peace and end Spanish involvement in the Louisian War. It followed the decisive battles of Toulouse (1372) and Bordeaux (1373).


  • Hostilities between the Empire of Hispania and the Kingdom of France will end.
  • The Spanish Crown will end its alliance with England.
  • The Spanish Crown will pay reparations for damage and loss of property inflicted during the war, principally at the sieges of Toulouse and Bordeaux.
    • Likewise, the French crown will compensate for any damage or loss of property at Montpellier.
  • Both states will be bound by a pact of non-aggression for 15 years following the signing of this treaty.
    • This clause should be enforceable by the Papacy if they assent to it.


Louis X, King of France

Francisco I, King of Spain, Emperor of Hispania

  • Adolf Coffee
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