The Treaty of Paris Summary

The Treaty of Paris (German: Vertrag von Paris) is a draft treaty between the nations of Austria and the Swiss Confederation, secretly drawn up to divide France between them in the event of a successful invasion, and to stipulate rules of governance and future relations once Swiss France and Austrian France have been established.

Article 1: Territory Divisions

The two nations will have a defined border between so-called "Austrian France" and "Swiss France". The region of Occitania (Southern France) shall be conferred to Swiss governance, with a population of around 10 million, whilst Northern France, with a population of around 27 million shall be conferred to Austria. The new Swiss border will begin at Royan on the West coastline, stretching down to Libourne (near Bordeaux), then up once more to Bellac. From here the border passes through Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and Annecy until it reaches the Swiss border at Lake Geneva. This is a landmass slightly larger than Occitania as it means it will link up with Switzerland through the Savoy region. All area above this border up to the existing Northern French border will be Austrian.

The new capitals will be:

  • Austria:
  • Swiss Confederacy: Lyon

The African colony of Gabon (Pop: 300,000, approx.) and the Ivory Coast (Pop: five million, approx.) will become Swiss territory. Austria will receive governance of all other French colonies, including French Algeria, amongst many others. Protectorates obviously will have the choice of establishing a similar relationship with Austria or Switzerland.

Article 2: Territory Distribution to Allies

In return for logistical and military support, Italy shall receive the island of Corsica and an Italian quarter in the port of Nice, Swiss France, shall be constructed. Italian commerce will be tax-free in the town, and all Italian ships will be excluded from mooring fees, although custom searches may take place to stop illegal goods entering the port. The Italian quarter shall be governed by Italian laws and will have space for up to 5000 permanent inhabitants.

If the British Raj or Britain decides to send support, a similar arrangement will be made in Calais, allowing British trade to cross the channel efficiently and cost effectively.

Article 3: Non-Aggression

Austria and the Swiss Confederacy agree that any uprisings or invasions in either region will be dealt with by an Aus-Swiss Coalition force to prevent loss of control. The Swiss Confederacy agrees to allow Austrian trade convoys to move freely through Swiss France to reach Austrian France as this is the quickest and cheapest route to and from the Mediterranean Sea, and once the Suez Canal has been opened it will be the best way to reach the Red Sea, Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The two nations agree that there is to be no aggression between them for a period of ten years, and no aggression over the French border for a period of 50 years.

Article 4: Maintenance of Relations

The two nations are to co-operate fully in ensuring the peoples of newly-conquered France respond well and with the very minimum resistance.

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