Tullin said he would not sign a treaty if the terms were combined, so I have separated them into two different treaties.



  • Changes to borders between France and Lotharingia

    The conflict between Lotharingia and France will cease
  • France and Lotharingia will renew its fifty year non-aggression pact, which will be guaranteed by the signers of this treaty, and Lotharingia will pay a moderate amount of reparation to France for violating their previous treaty.
  • This treaty compels the Kingdom of Arles and the Duchy of Burgundy to separate their personal union, and Arles drops their claim on Burgundy. Burgundy retains their ancient claims to the Kingdom of Arles.
  • William II of France will pledge to not attack the Holy Roman Empire, and will pledge to not attempt to take any territory within it, including Italy.


  • Hispania will cede territory amounting to the coastal region from the eastern border of Montpelier to the Arles border, and the bulge in the north of the territory.
  • Hispania and France will agree to a fifty year non-aggression pact.
  • The Pope will lift the excommunication of William II
  • All nations involved in this treaty will end any support for the League of Public Weal or for French rebels, and promise to not support any such rebels (whether that be monetarily, or through military aid, support, or intervention). Likewise France will stop all funding for rebels in Spain.
  • Florence's territory will return to the status quo, with Florence remaining independent and intact, and Spain withdrawing from Florence.
  • For fifty years, neither France nor Spain will move troops into Tuscany. 
  • Florence will be recognized as a duchy (if it wants to be).
  • France, Spain and the Papal States will guarantee the independence of Florence.


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